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20th October 2016

Aaron Noble dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead
Photo of T.T.'s dog

One session and this is so worth the money HONESTLY!!!

As I said we have just had one session with Aaron and he has been amazing! We rescued a 10 month old German shepherd and had problems with him pulling on the lead (though well behaved off) and barking and jumping up at visitors. At 10 months he is already large and being a long haired black German shepherd he was intimidating to others to say the least, but showed no aggression at all! We were getting so frustrated as everyone was judging him by this but knew we had a very loving, non aggressive dog.

Aaron is unbelievable!!! So easy to get on with and stopped Denbay doing all of the above in one session! Just wow!!!! Family and friends can now come to our house and see the gorgeous boy for who he is and they can't believe the transformation!

We know it's an ongoing exercise, as we have problems with recall too but he taught us about ourselves and how we were not communicating with our dog and he showed us how! Truly was amazing!

We can't wait to see the on going improvement and could not recommend Aaron enough!!! I would recommend him to anyone in fact I have been doing so since he came!

We want a happy, contented dog, especially given his poor start in life and Aaron is teaching us how to do just that.

Training classes would never have resolved these problems but Aaron truly can, as his training is in your home and you really will see the results by Aaron in the first session... move over Caesar Milan!!!!

Trainer note from Aaron:
These are incredibly kind words from a lovely family. I absolutely loved working with the two of you and particularly Denbay. It was really my pleasure to help him. I could instantly see the issue when I arrived, and you're right, many people are intimidated by German Shepherds, so it was important for me to help you with his issues.

It gives me great satisfaction to hear you can now have visitors to your beautiful home, and hopefully Denbay acts as well behaved for them as he did with me by the end of our first session.

I look forward to working on his recall with you, and thanks again for the kind words.


Middleton, Greater Manchester

20th January 2016

Aaron Noble dealt with: Puppy Management

Bear was a 8 week old Rottweiler and being conscious of the size the breed can grow to we wanted to make sure we got all the help we can in bringing him up to become a valued family member, friendly with our Grandchildren whilst behaving in the public domain. We found our trainer, Julie, very helpful and informative particularly regarding 'the pack mentality' of dogs. She walked Bear outside for the first time with us giving us some tips which have worked really well. She reminded us about the need for Bear to 'socialise' with other Dogs which we do regularly now in walks in the Park. I think it's a brilliant idea to have training help that visits your Home. Would highly recommend

Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire

27th November 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Dexter is a rescue Jack Russell with a troubled past. Since he has moved in to a new family life he has had major issues with constant barking and following us around the house. I have a useful knowledge and basic understanding of animals, so had tried some general work but nothing was working and Dexter was getting worse, even to the point of showing some aggression. I contacted Bark Busters after reading some reviews and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect and if it would be a waste of money, but we needed to try a different approach. Julie came out and was extremely professional and explained why he was acting like he was and how we needed to work with him. Obviously Dexter was like an angel on the night Julie arrived and tried to make his owners out to be the naughty ones!

The following weeks we carried on with the techniques shown to us and the first week he was perfect and then tried it on a little bit more to see how far he could push us. Julie was easy to contact and advised us to stand the ground and carry on, which much to Dexter's disgust we did. I can honestly say he is a different dog, he still has his moments but we are able to control his barking very easily now and he is a super little dog to have around.

Manchester, Humberside

25th November 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called
Photo of V.B.'s dog

I was really pleased with the session. Julie was really easy to talk to and relaxed . Within minutes of her meeting my dogs she had them both responding to her. She showed us how to continue the work she had started and gave us some brilliant tips. This was over a week ago and Bella our pup will still pretend she doesn't know what to do but here is a definite improvement in her behaviour. She is much calmer now. Ivy is also getting a lot better on bringing back balls. Thanks Julie you are a life saver.

Trainer note from Aaron:
Thank you Valerie!

Bella is a beautiful puppy, and she responded so well to the training exercises we did. But it was your interest and enthusiasm to put those ideas into place that made the difference. I'm so glad you're making progress with both Bella and Ivy.

Well done.

manchester, Lancashire

4th November 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Separation Anxiety
Photo of J.O.'s dog

We are already noticing a change in Simba's behaviour for the better since Julie's visit. He is still aggressive to other dogs when he sees them but putting Julie's advice in place is starting to work, so this was a good investment.

Trainer note from Aaron:
John that is so good to hear. I hope things continue to improve for you and for Simba.


Stockport, Cheshire

2nd October 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Recall or not coming when called Other

Tehya had been scared by fireworks and developed a fear of any noise and refused to go out for walks or even leave the house at times.

Julie was always positive and Tehya responded to her over time. She provided good insight to us on how to work with our dog. I had expected it to take longer to reach the point we are at now but Tehya is now able to go for walks and comes to us if she is concerned instead of bolting. We now have our dog back, thanks.

winsford, Cheshire

30th September 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household

Julie was excellent! Everything was explained and easy to follow. I was surprised how well my dog responded in just a few hours training. Techniques are very easy the key is to be consistent and we will be keeping up with training as advised. Really pleased with the outcome today. Found this better than any group training as the focus is on just one dog rather than a group which is far more effective in my opinion.

Trainer note from Aaron:
Thank you, Janine. I hope the training continues to go well.

Manchester, Greater Manchester

19th September 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called
Photo of J.O.'s dog

After two hours, the difference in our over excitable, hyper, stubborn, disobedient adolescent Rhodesian Ridgeback was obvious. I used to believe Beaux didn't know her name, had the dog equivalent of ADHD, or just decided we weren't that interesting and ignored us when we called - now she cannot take her eyes of us and is almost pre-empting our call. Her attention span has altered entirely and walking to heel is now like second nature. We cannot thank Julie enough and we're already planning on putting our new found skills in to action. Our gorgeous little puppy is now well on her way to becoming a well mannered, obedient and attentive dog. Thank you, Julie.

Trainer note from Aaron:
Beaux did so well! She is a gorgeous dog and I'm sure that things will improve now that her owners are communicating with her in a way she understands, Beaux and her humans worked very hard and I'm sure they will enjoy their time together much more. X

Handforth, Cheshire

3rd September 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead

Thank god for Barkbuster's but especially Julie what a godsend. Titch's training and OURS is still ongoing but it is working wonders. The change in Titch has been wonderful even though he misses my knee and sulks because his routine has changed, but needs must when the devil drives. We are so glad that we found Barkbuster's website. We have had the vets and their nurses come out for a year all to no avail and 2 special trainers again to no avail, they were beaten by Titch and gave up on him saying he's not mental he's just a thug. Well Julie has proved that with one word he is trainable and definitely not the thug they said he was. We look forward to seeing Julie again and hope she has a lovely holiday in the meantime. We can without any doubt seriously recommend Barkbuster's to help anyone's dog. Titch has definitely changed in just 4 day's so far and all for the better Yayyyyyy. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH JULIE AND BARKBUSTER'S.

Trainer note from Aaron:
Well what can I say?
Thank you for that lovely review...Titch's owners listened to me and believed what I told them about the reasons for Titch's behaviour, and they started to do exactly what I asked of them. Poor little Titch was trying to look after them and protect them all the time, but now he knows that Paul is in charge, I hope that he can become less stressed, and just relax and enjoy life.

Well done.

Sale, Cheshire

31st August 2015

Aaron Noble dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead

Julie was pleasant and helpful throughout our training session, allowing both of us to have a go and practice techniques and strategies shown during the morning. The suggestions were all positive and tailored to meet our situation and lack of confidence. Julie was reassuring with her feedback and options that we could try in the future.

Stockport, Cheshire

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