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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". RSS is a technology based on XML which facilitates the sharing of content such as news items between different web sites. RSS can be used to distribute website content from one source to many external websites and from multiple websites to one destination site.

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Why should I use RSS news feeds?

RSS news feeds allow you to see when your favourite websites have added new content. You can access the latest key information (like news headlines and summaries) in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from.

Many RSS news readers (see below) also allow you to search your RSS news feed subscriptions and most allow you to customise your view of the feeds you receive. The end result is faster access to the most important information you need, using one consistent layout instead of many different website interfaces.

How can I use Bark Busters news feeds?

If you would like to subscribe to Bark Buster news feeds, the first thing you will need is some news reading software. A news reader can be accessed either as a downloadable application (for use on one computer) or as an online service (accessible from more than one computer). Most news readers are available free of charge.

Once you have access to a news reader, you will be able to subscribe to news feed on the Bark Busters website and any other RSS-compatible websites. As you browse the website, you will notice RSS icons, like the orange icon used in various places on this page. Wherever the RSS icon is used there will be a link to an RSS news feed.

By clicking on the icon or an associated link, you will be able to subscribe to the feed. Modern browsers will detect that you have clicked on an RSS feed and automatically start up your feed-reading software for you. Older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 may instead display the source code for the RSS feed. In such cases, you should either upgrade to the latest version of your browser or right-click on the link and copy the url of the RSS feed. This can then be pasted directly into your RSS reader application as a new feed.

Some browsers including Firefox, Safari and Opera automatically detect RSS feeds and display a clickable "subscribe to news feed" icon of their own. Please visit their websites to learn more about how these work.

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