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Hi, I'm Ryan Busst, Bark Busters Home Dog Training Solihull & South East Birmingham.

My love of dogs began as a child. I grew up with Boxer dogs that, as you probably know, are enthusiastic and exuberant members of any family! Training them to be calm and acceptable members of society when out and about was a challenge I relished, and I succeeded in having dogs that were a pleasure to take out and about, and who were calm and relaxed around visitors to our home. I now own two mixed-breed dogs; Milo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross, and Ruby, a Staffordshire bull terrier/German shepherd cross. They both have differing inherent behaviours and personalities but are able to live together happily because I am aware of the importance of consistency and leadership within a multi-dog household. In fact, Milo is reportedly subdued when I am away from the house as he clearly craves my kind, consistent leadership, something that I know is so important in any human/canine relationship.

Working as a dog trainer and behaviour therapist has always been my dream for many years. I have attended many training programmes and seeing the changes in my dogs and other dogs’ behaviour, once I learnt the skills and techniques necessary, has help to establish my ambition. I'm a regular volunteer at a dog rescue shelter in Walsall where I help to train, exercise and socialise the dogs in their care. I am also a regular donator to the RSPCA and The Dogs’ Trust. My passion for dogs and my desire to help people to live harmoniously with their furry friend brought me to Bark Busters where I provide one-to-one dog training and behaviour lessons with dogs and their owners in their homes.

I love meeting new people and their dogs every day, and helping them to overcome the behaviour issues that are causing them stress. This can be anything from barking, jumping up, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, destructive behaviours, resource guarding, through to aggression towards other dogs or people. I often visit people who are desperate for help with their dog’s behaviour. In fact, I may be the dog’s last chance before surrender to a shelter. It gives me such a sense of satisfaction when I see the relief and hope in their eyes once they realise that their dog is not beyond hope, and that they can turn things around: The dog who ‘refused’ to listen was, in fact, listening very hard but didn’t understand what was expected of him. Once people see that the training techniques I teach them are easy to follow, easy for their dog to understand, and actually work, they visibly relax and learn to love their dog again.

Our training lessons are arranged at your home at a time to suit you. I will listen to you as you explain the problems you are struggling with. Then, I will show you how our system works and, together, we will introduce calm, consistent communication in a way that your dog understands. There will be lots of information to take in but you will have lots of opportunity to practise whilst I am there to show and guide you through the exercises. I will leave you with written notes so that you can maintain the training programme, together with our written support guarantee that I will come back to visit and support you for the duration of your contract.

Having worked in industry for several years, I fully understand that people learn in different ways and at different speeds. As a Bark Busters dog trainer, I will never judge you and I will certainly not rush you. My training lessons cater for individuals and their specific needs. Whatever problems you are having with your dog, I can promise you that I will have seen it before so there will never be any need for embarrassment. My only wish is to leave you with a dog who is a pleasure to live with but who retains his spirit and personality.

Having lived in Solihull all my life, I particularly enjoy my work with the warm and friendly people in the area and am totally committed to helping dogs and their humans in my area live happily together. I hope to meet you and your wonderful dogs very soon.

how we can help you and your furry friend

Bark Busters Home Dog Training Services

The Bark Busters communication methods help solve behaviour issues such as aggression towards people or other animals

  • Cure embarrassing habits like barking, jumping up on people, scratching & whining at doors or inappropriate toileting.
  • Create an obedient dog or puppy that will happily walk on the lead without tugging, sit or stay on command, and come immediately when called.
  • Set off-limit areas.
  • Reduce the stress of separation anxiety without the need for sedatives or drugs.

We teach you to communicate with your pet.

Do you find yourself shouting? Do you think your pet isn't listening to you? Maybe you're simply not speaking their language. The Bark Busters communication method is based on the way how our dogs communicate with each other and how they learn from older, more experienced members in the pack. This is what makes our training unique and effective.

Why do we train in your home?

Your pet lives with a family, in a home. This is where he spends most of his time and misbehaves most often, so this is where our programme is most effective. Our dogs learn by association. Bark Busters teaches him to listen in the home environment. If he does not listen at home, he will most probably not listen outside where there are far more distractions.

In your home we teach a one-on-one system without other distractions or the stress of being sent away from you to learn.

Of course, where you are experiencing problems outside the home such as pulling on the lead or dog aggression etc..., we will set up controlled situations in the park or wherever is most practical.

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