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12th September 2020

Jo & Graham Milgrew dealt with: Puppy Management Other
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From scared little pup to confident young dog! We first called on Jo and Graham’s expertise when Ochre was only 9 weeks old and we had just got her from the breeder and noticed she was a very scared little dog who’d freeze, hide or back away from strangers. We had to do a lot of work with her following the advice from these skilled trainers and over time she’s become a confident 5 month old dog who’s confident enough to walk through busy Paris Montmartre streets, who can be taken through busy markets and restaurants and will become friends with people a few minutes after meeting them. She is still a little shy deep down, but we now know that we’ve been given the tools to enable her to live her life stress-free. Thanks to these trainers’ help, we’ve taken steps to ensure that she was correctly socialised and given confidence in previously stressful situations, and have no fear about what the future holds as we now have a well rounded, appropriately socialised and cared for confident little dog who’s got all the support she needs going forward. Jo and Graham have been very available to help guide us along the way, in person, on Zoom, by email, or on the phone and we would highly recommend them for any behavioural issue one may encounter.

Trainer note from Jo & Graham:
These owners had a genuinely serious problem.  Dogs like Ochre need very careful management as a scared puppy can have numerous bad experiences and get worse rather than better over time.  Ochre is a Golden Retriever and came from an excellent breeder background so it was shock when she couldn't cope from the outset.  There is a tendency to blame owners when this happens, but it is often simply the genetics of the dog, You can have a shy anxious dog, just as much as you can have a shy anxious child.  The great thing is that owners who socialise and train their puppy as Ochres owner can turn them around with the right advice and support.  As they have proved, it doesn't mean it is a long term problem.

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