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21st November 2020

Jo & Graham Milgrew dealt with: Puppy Management Separation Anxiety
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Our 3 month old Miniature Long Hair Dachshund puppy Ruben struggles with severe separation anxiety. He would scream so loudly whenever we had to leave him alone in his crate. Our 7 month old Darcy (same breed) didn’t have these issues. So we needed to find a way to train him in a way she would find fun to join in too! Jo gave us easy but detailed games to play with both of them to encourage time in the crate. They both enjoyed the games, and while for Ruben it was good training, it was good fun for Darcy also! And it was also a relief being given such precise instructions as it got rid of our worries that we were making mistakes! It has only been 2 weeks but already we are seeing huge improvements with Rubens behaviour. As I type Ruben and Darcy are currently taking an afternoon nap in their crates peacefully while I get jobs done around the house! We are slowly building up to leaving him alone in the house and going out, but with Jo's advice and encouragement we are happy to take each day as it comes!

Trainer note from Jo & Graham:
Separation anxiety is common in puppies, but this is the perfect example of how some pups have it worse than others and that is why some owners needed help.  Ruben and Darcy's owners did exactly the same with both puppies and were very careful about separation, but Ruben is one of those puppies who are often called "velcro" because they are needy and struggle to be away even from their attachment person even for a minute.  Their owners are working through a proven program at the moment building up time which are based around games that help a puppy adjust and build confidence.  This has to be done very carefully when crating or play penning a dog for safety so they don't feel trapped and react as a result.  These owners are doing really well and it has been a delight to see Ruben sleeping in his crate where before he would be screaming is distress,
Hornchurch, Essex

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