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4th January 2021

Graham Milgrew dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety Toileting
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I had training on my Puppy panic! from Jo and Graham. Their service is exceptional. When they say "We will offer follow up sessions and advice whenever needed" they actually mean it! As a first time dog owner I found it reduced my anxiety a lot to know that I could keep asking questions and get help throughout Piglet's first year and that there would be continuity so I could just listen to one person (or in this case two) who knew what they were talking about. It seems anyone and everyone I came across had an opinion on what I should do with Piglet and they all contradicted each other so I was feeling overwhelmed and guilty before I signed up with Jo and Graham. I'm trained with a science background so I really appreciated having clear explanations from Jo in particular, of why and how the training tips work as this helped me have faith that things would improve - which they did! Piglet has got so much better with toilet training, crate and pen training, sleeping through the night, walking on the lead and recall. I've gone back to Jo and Graham recently only because now he's entering adolescence Piglet has started the typical things (e.g. territorial barking) and they are again being fantastic! The combination of Zoom sessions with Jo and in-person with Graham works really well. We are soon likely to do completely online sessions too with me providing live video of Piglet, which I think will work just as well. They are really flexible with appointment times and always send emails with notes and helpful documents at the end of the session. That means you don't have to scribble down your own notes you can focus entirely on what they're teaching you and you have a good resource to go back to afterwards. I have nothing but praise for this service and have already recommended it to several other new puppy owners in my local park. It is extremely good value for money. If like me you're keen to the 'right' thing by giving your dog the best experience of you as an owner, and you don't want your dog to be a pain to anyone else and you don't know which books/people/free YouTube advice to trust....just call Jo and Graham!

Trainer note from Graham:
This owner has a miniature Dachshund. Piglet has not been the easiest of puppies and his owner has had to consistently work with him to overcome his fearfulness including walking issues, alarm barking plus separation problems as well as everything else required to bring up a puppy successfully  When you do have puppy or dog issues it is natural for people to give advice and some people can scare owners no matter how well meaning the advice is.  It is particularly difficult when it come to the breeder or other people experienced with dogs, for example in rescue, giving advice on behaviour, as they are still only giving it from their own point of view and not because they work and study in the field as we do.  We know that there is no "one way" and that every dog and owner is an individual unit so any advice must be tailored to their circumstances.  It is also not as simple reading a book or reading on the internet either because it can only be general advice, even though that advice might be excellent.  Recently Piglets separation problems have re-occurred and online is invaluable for that as we can either watch live or see video of Piglet, plus also coach his owner live via phone video when he is territorially barking in his garden. This is not to replace face to face. It is the better choice in these circumstances. A dog is not going to exhibit separation problems when you are there plus he loves people so is not going to territorially bark when the Trainer is there and distracting him.  Our combination approach means that owners get the help they need delivered in the most effective way possible,
South East London, London

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