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16th November 2009

Isla Clarke dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Recall or not coming when called

When I contacted your company both my husband and I were completely at our wits end as to how to stop Bonnie's excessive barking & willful behaviour and constant demands. She was ruling us! It was ironic that only the day we saw your advert in the Sentinel I had said to my husband that we had to do something as I am in ill health and the constant noise really making me worse. It was simply a case that if nothing could be done she would have to go! It's something neither of us wanted as we love her to bits and probably we are at fault for allowing her to become so dominant. So I rang bark Busters and made an appointment. i all honesty I was quite sceptical. Isla arrived on Friday and spent around three hours with us. I took a backseat just watching as my husband is the one who takes care of Bonnie' needs. To say that I am totally and utterly and completley gobsmacked by the result of what was gained in that one session is very much an understatement. Bonnie is a different dog! in 63 years I thought I had seen everything but to witness the transformation that took place was licken to seeing a miracle. No I am not joking, honestly I'm dead serious. Since Isla's visit my husband has followed her advise and instructions, and now its a pleasure to have Bonnie around. Isla certainly knows her stuff and if it was possible its award a medal I would she was absolutly brilliant. We really cant thank her enough. It's still early days and maybe a few more visits may be necessary, but if not I would want you to know that it has been well worth every penny to have Bonnie change from a dominant, demanding dog, into a well behaved loveable little bundle she now is. My sincere and grateful thanks I thank God I saw your advert and contacted you its nothing short of a miracle. Please feel free to tell anyone that thay may contact myself or my husband for any feedback if they are thinking of using your service as we'd be more than delighted to give an honest opinion your marvellous and your methods work.

M & R Wood
Stoke on Trent

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