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14th September 2014

Jo & Graham Milgrew dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises
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We have had Ollie since he was 7 months, he is now 6 years old. When we first got him we took to the vets (whom he bit). It was then we were told of Bark Busters and our first trainers arrived and did exactly what "they said on the tin" and taught us how to control our dog. We then had trouble with Ollie barking in garden and front door and our new trainer arrived, Jo. She made such a difference to ours and Ollie's life with her compassion and showing us how nervous our little dog was and showed us a positive route to go down. We have had much success using the "clicker training" she showed us and we now are a more positive household. Ollie is showing signs of being a calmer dog whilst out on walks, his behavior to other dogs has improved, he no longer snarls and growls when another dog approaches, he lets them sniff and I then call him away and he comes ready for his reward. What can we say Jo, thank you for helping us to achieve to turn this little dog into a calmer and more of a delight to own. I look forward to your next visit and hopefully to show you how well we have progressed. Ollie too thanks you, he is a happier dog and grooming him has become a pleasure and not a chore thanks to the help you gave us.

Trainer note from Jo & Graham:
Ollie is a delightful little Terrier cross with bags of personality. His owners had done a brilliant job with his original training, but he struggled to cope in some areas. He is very nervous and would get aggressive when frightened so the "clicker" is to help his owners tell him precisely when he gets it right in a way he understands. They are making amazing progress with this. He also had a terrible skin condition which his owners have now been treating successfully with herbal medication, but every time they tried to groom him, he tried to bite them. The wonderful side effect of the training they have been doing with Ollie is that he has got his confidence back and they have been able to use the "clicker" to convince him that grooming is not such a terrible thing.
Sutton, Surrey

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