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24th December 2014

Tina Edwards dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Separation Anxiety Toileting
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After getting a new puppy Herbie's separation anxiety returned with a vengeance. He would spend all the time we were out sniffing under the kitchen door damaging his nose and causing it to bleed. We were so sad to see him like this so we called Tina back after she had helped us about 2 years ago. Herbie knows Tina means business! He quickly got back into it as did we. He responded straight away to the techniques Tina showed us to he point where he hasn't hurt his nose since she came over. I'm so glad I took out the lifetime guarantee, it has given me peace of mind knowing Tina is there for us. Her techniques make perfect sense and work straight away. I recommend her to everyone who ever complains of an unruly pooch!

Trainer note from Tina:
Herbie was only a young dog when I first met him and very anxious and nervous. I recommended a cosy crate for him to retreat to if he felt worried and we practiced lots of short "leaving" sessions. With the entrance of little Olive, all previous training slipped and his owners started to feel sorry for Herbie as Olive was more confident and got more attention. However, when I saw him again he was more confident and actually allowed me to fuss him! We started on the daily programme once again reminding his owners how important it was to be consistent and he (and Olive) has responded.
I am just a call away if any further problems occur.
Ramsgate, Kent

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