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Dog Training & Behavioural Therapist

17th January 2015

Sharon Chapman dealt with: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Pulling on the Lead Other

Sharon helped us regarding: * Setting our rules and boundaries and applying them consistently. * Door control using 'Bah' and 'Go'.....working most of the time unless very excited. *Practising attentiveness daily, with no or low level distractions... *Ignoring attention -seeking behaviour...., *'Chill mat' next to my armchair......Ted is lying quietly on it, after his meal,attached with short lead,while I am completing this feedback. Lovely! *Walking on loose leash......Very important for me as I have shoulder pain. Ted is responding better to John's greater degree of confidence, and walks well on the pavement. I'm working on this inside the home,and in back garden,taking a few steps only before changing direction. I've noticed an improvement with this, but I 'm accepting that it may take time, and trying not to worry that I haven't achieved it yet. *Teaching 'touch' to keep Ted close to my hand when leash walking...Ted is responding well. *Dietary research...Sharon introduced us to a independent dog food nutrition rating site...shocked that our puppy food was nearly at bottom rating. Have ordered a top-rated food,which is also reasonably priced. *Chewing and shredding tough toys.... Suggested stag antlers.....bought small ones,which 6 month Ted made short work of and swallowed some; emailed Sharon,who replied same day, advising us to buy larger ones ,and reassured they won't harm him if swallowed. We're both relieved that we can be taught to teach Ted, and we are reassured we can get advice and support from Sharon,when we need it. Sharon, thank you very much for your calm,confident, and encouraging way with both of us and Ted.

Trainer note from Sharon:

Ted is a lovely young rescue dog, he hasn't had much education before being adopted by his current owners. Eventhou they have had dogs before they felt that they need some additional guidance to ensure he matures into a well mannered dog. Initially I have set them some simple exercises, this will give them and Ted some confidence and ensure that they realationship starts off in the right manner. With us all working together, they should have a happy, healthy long realationship.

Caernarfon, Gwynedd

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