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7th April 2015

Alex Fraser dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Hyperactivity Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called
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Our dog Dexter overall was generally well behaved apart from some nagging areas like barking at visitors, over-excitement on walks and general recall, so we were pleased to hear that we could train Dexter without lots of treat bribery!

Training was very well consulted and coordinated. Initially we received a call to ask for some further details on what areas of Dexter's behaviour we would like to address, which we found helpful and set expectations of what could be achieved

In our session Alex gave us a thorough overview of what was the likely cause of Dexter's behavioural problems and introduced us to a series of techniques to use in problematic scenarios. Our session covered how and when to give praise and how to reinforce the techniques, which we learned was an important part of improving Dexter's behaviour.

Dexter responded pretty quickly in our first session, and overall began to act more calmly within the house, and also on the lead when out walking. After our first training session we kept repeating the techniques and continued to see further improvement. Our follow up session again demonstrated further improvement, so overall we're really happy with the results seen and the security of having Alex on hand for further queries and support if we need it within the next year.

Trainer note from Alex:
Dexter used to be very excitable when he went for a walk (possibly a little too excitable) - which resulted in him barking at any other dog he saw. It's important to ascertain why any dog I work with is behaving the way it is, hence the first hour or so of the first session is an in depth chat about the owners dog. This also allows me to observe how the dog interacts with their owner. Following our chat I showed Dexter's owners how to work with Dexter and even after the first session, we saw a great improvement. I was even more impressed when I visited them again in regards to how he behaved - especially when out walking. Keep up the good work!
Manchester, Greater Manchester

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