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26th July 2015

Alex Fraser dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Hyperactivity Pulling on the Lead
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We had an issue with our two 8 year old Border Terriers who had developed an embarrassingly overreaction when leaving the house to go for a walk. They would leave the house frantically barking, screaming and choking themselves on their leads. It was of such a severe degree they would be indifferent to our attempts to calm them down and deaf to any our commands which (when calm) they would normally follow without issue.

We tried pretty much every tactic going to correct this behaviour but were having no success whatsoever.

After contacting Bark Busters, we were assigned to Alex Fraser who in just a few hours, taught us everything we needed to know to correct the undesirable behaviour. Alex listened attentively to everything we said about our dogs and got a thorough in-depth knowledge of them as individuals. Nothing was rushed or generic, it really felt like it was tailored and personal to us.

From explaining to us about passive leadership, teaching us the correct communication/body language, easy to follow demonstrations, written guidance and patiently practicing with each family member, he taught us real and practical solutions. Solutions that we can continue to use on our own.

I would also like to like to say that our dogs enjoyed and engaged with the training and it wasn't a gruelling or stressful situation in any way whatsoever.

Because of Alex and his training, there has been a significant improvement in our dogs which we are very grateful for. I would recommend Bark Busters (in particular Alex) to anyone.

Trainer note from Alex:
Although I know our training techniques work, it's always so rewarding to hear how pleased the owners are after the first session! I never actually witnessed the full excitement that 2 border terriers used to exhibit when they went walking as they were far more focused before we left the house. I've also received further updates on how well they are doing. Recently they had workmen in and both dogs were on their best behaviour which was great to hear!! Keep up the good work.
Rochdale, Lancashire

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