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29th July 2015

Alex Fraser dealt with: Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Separation Anxiety
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We were at the end of our tether with our 6 years old lurcher Mable, after we had to have our older dog put down at Christmas last year.

She was clearly unhappy, howling and being destructive when we were out at work, we dreaded coming home! She was very anxious and unpredictable when out on a walk, so much so we would walk her at ungodly hours round an industrial estate to avoid traffic, people and other animals. Hence we called BarkBusters.

Alex has been great; understanding Mable’s behaviour and giving us an insight into her world. No surprise that we were the main problems! Alex has taught us some simple techniques and provided training tools to use with Mable and whilst she’s not perfect (I wouldn’t want that cos she’d loose her character!!!) she is better mannered. She will walk on the lead without lunging at people; other dogs (Stuffed or not) and cats are still a work in progress. She doesn’t charge through doors anymore and try and make a bid for freedom when I open the front door. She is still far from thrilled when we go to work, but the separation anxiety appears to be easing gradually. Although she still greats me with a head through the blinds when I come home, my neighbours inform she is no longer spending the entire day howling.

I have found the training sessions relaxed and enjoyable for both myself and Mable and Alex has also provided email support when needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex.

Trainer note from Alex:
Like so many dogs that I work with, some of their issues take time and effort to resolve whereas other can be fixed so much quicker.

Mable is a slightly nervous dog and she used to get very excited when she was walked on her lead, leaping around all over the place. So much so her owners used to try and walk her when they knew there would be very few people around which is clearly not ideal!! The last time I went I was delighted to see she was walking to heel really well. She was also much calmer in herself. Separation anxiety can time to resolve, but from what I saw last time I visited them, I'm confident she will continue to improve when she is left home alone.
Salford, Greater Manchester

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