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17th October 2015

Angela Young dealt with: Pulling on the Lead Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household Toileting

As a previous dog trainer, walker and dog boarder, and having had all but 2 of my seven dogs (all rescues and owned at the same time) as PAT dogs (Pet as Therapy Dogs) I prided myself on having friendly well behaved dogs. Last year I moved onto a narrowboat at Garstang and am now the proud owner of a Miniature English bull terrier (now 13 months old) and 2 mini bulldogs (10 months old & 12 weeks old). The training the older ones had was failing as testosterone came into play. The sheer strength of the two young dogs meant I had to get back into control NOW - or I could be in real trouble.

I was too close to my new dogs to see what needed to be done - Angela, bless her heart not knowing she was coming onto a boat took all this in her stride and we worked out how to get over the usual doorway issues (i.e. mum going first) when exiting onto a narrow jetty.

I was also really surprised at how quickly my dogs learnt the techniques (from just a few goes on initial visit). I have reclaimed my bed (although I miss my cuddles and warmers) and also my bathroom space - which on a boat is luxury. All in the space of one session.

Consistency is the key and I would say to anyone who employs Angela or any other trainer - if you aren't prepared to put in, then don't expect to get anything out.

Angela stayed with me for over five hours (and we still did not cover all the issues) but she left me with enough home training work to last for a month, but applying the standard techniques have worked on far more issues than I could previously have hoped for.

I am only into a couple of days worth of training but already I can see a difference. Even on the first session when Angela fitted a harness to Jasper (Bull terrier) and a collar to Luca (10 month bulldog - as he could not get off the boat with the harness on and refused to walk). I said to Angela that I would train them separately as they all required different training elements, however I decided to put the harness and collar on them every time we went out to get them used to them. WOW what a difference, there was no pulling at all. Even on the first night of training people commented that I wasn't being pulled all over the place. Whilst they made fun of me - saying that I needed training (which is true, you train the owner to make a good dog; you do not train the dog). The next morning on the marina all the dogs were in their harnesses and there is a lot of noise as they copied Angela's techniques.

No-one is above learning new techniques (even a previous trainer) and I am not ashamed to say that Angela showed me where I had got to close to see and resolve any problems.

Angela - thank you, thank you, thank you; and sorry for the lock-in issue. I would rate Angela 10 out of 10 even from the first contact - nothing phased her and I have since updated her on my progress - even 2 days.

The tools you get and the follow-up (when and if you need it) is brilliant.

The only comment I would say is please don't waste your money or their time. If you want a good dog - put in the training they give you.

Angela >>>>>>>huge 10 from me.

To any-one else who has Angela:- Good Choice You are in good hands.

I hope this review goes online; as I am sure that there will be very few reviews from boat owners, let alone previous dog trainers etc.

P.S. I love the extra WaggTagg service as well.

Kindest Regards and Thanks and looking forward to next visit.


Trainer note from Angela:
Well there are certainly no two days the same in the life of a dog trainer! It was a great experience working with my client and her 3 beautiful babies on her narrow boat. We did need to be imaginative to work around the layout of the boat, but it was great fun, the dogs took to the training like ducks to water! It was lovely to see them responding so quickly and I believe they are continuing to improve. Even now, with the instruction from their lovely owner, resisting reacting to the knocking of the swans on the window! Keep up the great work, thanks for choosing me as your trainer and I look forward to our next appointment.
Garstang, Lancashire

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