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Dog Training & Behavioural Therapist

13th March 2016

Graham Milgrew dealt with: Puppy Management

I contacted Bark Busters mainly because my 15 week old Golden Retriever would not go for a walk. He wanted to go and would get very excited when we put his lead on but when he got to the top of our driveway he would stop. If we tried to make him walk he would visibly shake. I didn't know if I was making him worse by trying to encourage him or force him, so I thought it better to seek an experts advice. We also have a few other puppy behaviour issues.

Graham was very kind and calm. He said Dillon was very head strong and I did need to be firmer with him. He did some behaviour training exercises with him and Dillon did very well. Graham told me to practice these for 20 minutes a day in short sessions. After a couple of hours Graham said we would go for a walk. He put the lead on Dillon and off we went. I was amazed that Dillon walked with Graham for a few minutes before we turned around and came home. And Dillon and I have been doing the same walk a couple to times a day since. He sometimes needs a little coaxing but he walks!

As well as helping Dillon, Graham has given me the confidence to train Dillon at home.Many thanks.

Wickford, Essex

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