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8th April 2016

Gina Hinsley dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household

Gina has been giving home training to Tasha & Kes for 2 months now. They have improved so much that we are now walking them side by side (at a safe distance).For the 2 years before meeting with Gina we would not have even considered doing this With the training of us humans on how to get the dogs to focus on the commands we give them, this has become possible. We have gained confidence when handling the dogs outside, and this has led to these exciting changes for both humans and dogs. The boundary training in doors is being continuously re-enforced, and their reactions still remain promising. Both dogs are progressing at different speeds, this is good as they are now treated as individual dogs and not a pair.Gina continues to give advice and encouragement and is now looking at a dietry change to calm down their hyperactivity.She is also very good at picking up the positives and also advises where extra work is needed.

Good feedback in the progress (or lack of) is needed as this highlights the good and not so good practices that may have been adopted.Gina gives you the information in a simple manner, which is easy to understand and implement. The progress in Tasha & Kes over the last 2 months has been amazing.

Thanks again to Gina for the ongoing advice and encouragement.

Regards: Pat and Dave

Trainer note from Gina:
Tasha & Kes are coming on really well and it's so nice to see them out together, with ongoing training we can hopefully reunite them back together at home soon.
Kingswood, Bristol

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