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12th July 2016

Alex Fraser dealt with: Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called Other

We have only had 1 session as yet, however after this first session of 3hrs with Alex working with Jerri-Leigh I noticed an immediate change in her understanding o of what was right and wrong in regards to what I wanted of her and that was not pulling me over the step of the door when and on a walk. After Alex had gone I took Jerri-Leigh out twice and on both occasions I really did noticed she was calmer to walk and couldn't believe she did not pull me once, even a neighbor of mine saw us 3 days later and said Jerri-Leigh's demeanor had totally changed. I am so relieved that Alex came and started of these sessions, he is eat going with regards to listening to what I say the problem is, he understands totally, he worked not only with Jerri-Leigh but myself also, he answers any questions and gives advice like a true professional. At one point I was starting to regret getting her as I couldn't take her out but now I love taking her a walk as its calmer. We have more sessions regarding jumping to greet people and recall and I am so very much looking forward to working with Alex again. Already there is so much improvement in Jerri-Leigh without Alex using shouting or physical snacking towards Jerri-Leigh just simple commandsin voice tones. I can't thank Alex enough.

stockport, Cheshire

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