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16th March 2017

Angela Young dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household
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When we brought Bailey home at 12 weeks Archie was 3. Things were fine intially but as time went on Bailey began to be aggressive towards Archie. Even after neutering Bailey's aggression remained and before we contacted Angela they had fought badly on 4-5 occasions. Seeing your dogs fight is horrible and it had a massive negative impact on the whole family. Archie was very stressed and so was Bailey. We were coming to the awful consideration of possibly rehousing Bailey, however we decided to try Bark Busters and Angela came to see us for her initial 4-5 hour session back in November. The training was very simple but we all had to stick to it and we had made some adjustments prior to review 5 weeks later. We knew that Christmas was going to be difficult due to the changes in the house with the tree etc. which can be stressful for the dogs and I was very despondent at times as the fighting continued. Angela was very supportive and visited us on many occassions and took our 'out of hours' calls and e-mails and tried to help us with the situations we were describing to her. Along with the training we made changes to their food, bedding, routines and with keeping up with Passive Leadership we are now into the second month of no fighting!!. Both boys are calmer and their previous skin conditions (they are terriers) has cleared up. The house is calmer and so are we. The boys get on very well now and have gone back to play fighting and sharing the living room rug. We still have moments as we must remember that they are aminals but we know how to react to the situation now to prevent it escalating. We cannot thank Angela enough for her help and patience as it was very hard not to throw in the towel at times but the reward of seeing my boys playing together is worth the effort for what has only been a few months.

Thanks again Angela x

Preston, Lancashire

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