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Dog Training & Behavioural Therapist

23rd August 2017

Angela Young dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household Other

Angela Young visited us & our home & it became apparent from that moment one of the issues we had, we just never had a name for it!! But barking constantly from visitors coming from the front door to the living room! Angela greeted myself & hubby & took control of the situation with the 3 barking pooches!! Angela then greeted them & explained how she communicated with them, as me & my hubby were still gobsmacked! She explained the reasons why they would not listen to our command as they knew could play us, and I knew we were doing something wrong, but when it was explained it brought realisation what Angela was saying was so true, both Alfie & Ruben were rescued from such a young age and Alfie demands constant attention since he came to us back in 2010, and something I thought we had dealt with realized we hadn't more so when Ruben came to us back in May of this year, he had been a subject of cruel behaviour from young to old, was under fed & showed physical damage to his mouth etc. The issues that Ruben came with was fear when anyone he didn't know came in the house & he growled & barked at them & when he realized they would not hurt him, he settled down. But issues that have followed on is protection over food & items, even over Mollie & Alfie's food, so we discussed this all in depth, to continue to be consistent around meals times, from time Angela came & went 4:5 hours, nothing was rushed & she got us doing things with the pooches, and felt pretty amazing. I have always been in awe when watching certain programmes around pets with issues & thought either wow or bet that took more than the few goes in 1 sitting, but how wrong was I, and Angela showed us something that left me speechless & my husband. She could read our dogs behaviour & ours & highlighted were & what issues were & left us still amazed on how to continue to carry on what she taught us, and have the reassurance that she is there to support us through a process to correct any unwanted behaviour, bloody brilliant. I love Ceaser Milan & how he just gets & corrects, Angela is the female version & I had goosebumps last night when I seen results & even now when I reflect back, my personal assistant came in today & even she has seen results, as we text her last night & told her to ignore dogs when come in & greet us first before the 3 pooches & worked a treat, we were also advised to create a safe place for them to sleep and stop them sleeping on our bed & we started with off bed in their bed last night & took about 20 mins to keep reinforcing & good night sleep by all & stayed in their beds until hubby got up for work, so again amazing, and its with Thanx to Angela Young, who helped achieve things that we knew were issues & needed help to sort. Amazing & would highly recommend this lady, as to what was achieved in 4/5 hours last night has paid off today & will continue with us following her lead & our pooches following our lead, rather than pooches doing what they want when they want, as we let this happen coz we thought we were doing good, but all we did was created a issue for unwanted behaviour. Angela said you are being a leader and putting in boundaries as you would with children. She had a great knowledge & a vast of understanding & we can not thank her enough xx

Liverpool, Merseyside

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