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7th October 2017

Kevin McDonnell dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Hyperactivity Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety
Photo of L.B.'s dog

Alfie was the main focus with his hyper nature always jumping up and winning or barking when I was not around. He has taken to his training very well and is a completely diffent dog. We are left with a clear action plan for this after being shown what to do as well. Where as before despite his good nature I could not trust him around small children or visitors for the fear he would run into them knock them over jump up and lick them, but now he has self control and is respecting people's personal space.

We have been trained how to communicate with all our dogs a way they understand and all of them are much more obedient. Ava had a few minor issues lead pulling and not good recall she is much better already staying closer now when off the lead and now I have the skills to get her to do as needed but understand this will take her time to learn. The children our enjoying quality time with calm dogs and our dogs are therefore much happier and back again with us spending lots of time with us as part of the family. This training has made both Dogs and Humans in this house very happy together.

Okehampton, Devon

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