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12th June 2018

Alex Fraser dealt with: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Separation Anxiety
Photo of H.M.'s dog

I’ve just finished my first training lesson with Alex.

Both me and jax have been taught some very simple and effective tequniques that have already helped massively!

In half a day I can now move around the house without jax needing to follow me EVERYWHERE & sit crying when I close the door on him, he’s getting much better on his lead as before Alex came I tended to keep him off the lead because it was just the easy option. ( never good ) Jax is now walking at my heal amazingly and isn’t chewing his lead or playing tug with the lead as much.

I was given great feedback and a little programme to continue the work. Already I’ve been doing bits throughout the day & Jax is really geting the hang of things. Very impressed.

As soon as Alex came to my house I felt comfortable with him and he understood that to me Jax is like a child rather than just a dog. Most dog trainers disagree with treating a dog like a family member but I didn’t get that feel from Alex, he wasn’t judgmental at all and I felt like I was allowed to continue to treat Jax how I wanted to and not told off from doing so.

Today I went with the one off payment plan as we both agreed Jax was well behaved and picked everything up very quickly however if I ever feel I need to train him in other aspects or need some further help I will 100% be calling Alex to come out to see us again.

We’ve had a Great day training today!

Thank you Alex

Hayley & Jax.

Trainer note from Alex:
As I’ve mentioned before Puppies can be hard work, but are also adorable, which is how they can quickly rap us around their big or little paws! My training techniques are not complex, and are more focused on the way you interact. Once a dog starts to realise you are in charge of them, not them in charge of you they soon start to listen.

I’m hoping I get to catch up with Jax and his Mummy, but if I’m not needed, then that is proof that we can make a big difference in just 3 hours. Although it is important that owners continue to work with their dogs on a daily basis.
Rochdale, Lancashire

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