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Dog Training & Behavioural Therapist

14th September 2018

Lee Hardy dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Toileting

Lee arrived on time and listened to the problems we were having with Bella (mini yorkshire terrier) which was mainly barking outside when we went out to work each day. We did several mock situations to find out the triggers for the barking. Lee explained what i needed to do - and i am very surprised that Bella has responded to the training very well and in no time at all. I was also told that i must be the pack leader, as Bella seemed to think she was - Lee explained i needed to ignore her request's for attention ie: jumping to be picked up on the sofa and pawing me and to make it my decision to show her attention. I must say for an old dog (she is 12) i was amazed at how well she has adapted. We are still working on the toileting at night- but i think she is getting better and Lee has suggested reducing the area in which she sleeps, as he feels she probably doesnt feel safe and is weeing to put down markers. We havent tried this as yet - but one thing at a time. The neighbours have said the barking has drastically reduced and some days they dont hear her at all. Should have called in Barkbusters years ago.

Derby, Derbyshire

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