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2nd February 2015

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Puppy Management

After many years of owning dogs (mainly rescue dogs) we decided to get ourselves a 9 week old black lab puppy. We were not at all prepared for how energetic and naughty puppies can be and completely misread his behaviour as aggressive rather than playful. After a couple of weeks of tearing our hair out and being constantly nipped and growled at my daughter found Lynn's number and my husband gave her a call. From the moment she arrived at the house she took control of Charlie and immediately said he was actually quite a timid puppy and not at all aggressive. She taught us methods of play and when to train him and importantly how to discipline him. Up until Lynn came I was not happy to be alone with Charlie and didn't know how to deal with him, the night after she came I spent the whole evening with Charlie playing with him and from that moment on everything changed. He is now 22 months old and is a lovely affectionate dog, he is great with other dogs although still incredibly naughty and loves nothing more than to 'steal' socks from the washing machine and run away with them! I would suggest that anyone experiencing problems with their dogs contact Lynn, she is absolutely brilliant!

Harrow, Middlesex (Testimonial)

1st February 2015

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called

Lyn was brilliant, within the few hours that she was here, our troublesome 1 year old was visibly calmer and relaxed. The training techniques work very well and although still a lot of work ahead we can now definitely see light at the end of the tunnel. I would recommend Lyn and Bark busters to everyone having problems with their dog.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire (Testimonial)

29th January 2015

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Pulling on the Lead Separation Anxiety Other
Photo of L.M.'s dog

I could not be more pleased after our visit from Lynn. She took control of Snoopy as soon as she arrived and was absolutely amazing with him. Snoopy has three main issues, on lead aggression- particularly old men in hats, separation anxiety and I couldn't get him near my three cats with out him trying to chase and attack them. As I write this on the evening of her visit I have the dog asleep in his crate and one of my cats on my lap. This is like a miracle!!! He is literally like a different dog.

What can I say, I have been educated and the Bark Busters techniques really do work! Lynn made me realise that Snoopy was ruling the house and we were pandering to his every whim. As soon as I stopped and informed my boyfriend to do the same we have a completely different dynamic in the house and he's behaving so much better. And this is only day 1!!

We tackled all the issues within a 3 hour period and took him on a very controlled walk with the aid of a 'Canny' collar- the best thing since sliced bread. Lynn taught me how to use it and control him with it. He went from pulling on the lead and sniffing everything in sight to walking right by my side with me in control, it was awesome!! We purposefully walked past anyone we thought he would go for including the postman in his high vis and just by correcting him before it escalated meant that we had no issues with lunging and I no longer felt nervous about walking him.

I learnt that his separation anxiety isn't as bad as I thought and Lynn gave me a plan of short timeouts to build up slowly so he gets used to being on his own. When we practiced it a simple thing of putting him in the bedroom where he sleeps instead of trying to leave him in the living room made the world of difference!! He did well with a few corrections for whining. I was very surprised!

Lynn has left me with some gadgets to correct him with and I am going to change his diet on her advice. I am already feeling so much better about everything and Lynn has instilled a new confidence in me.

I would highly recommended Lynn and Bark Busters to anyone with doggy problems. It's been a beath of fresh air and worth every penny! I am one happy customer. Thank you so much!!

Bedford, Bedfordshire (Testimonial)

27th January 2015

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety
Photo of A.W.'s dog

Before I found Barkbusters I had become very disheartened I had lots of people telling me that because Scooby is a lurcher “sighthound” he cannot be trained, he will always run off, you will never be able to walk him without a lead, he won’t come back etc etc.

I phoned Barkbusters and Lynn got back to me that day and we arranged for her to come and see Scooby, she made me understand why he was behaving the way he was and it was because I had made him the leader of the pack, so he was constantly minding me around the house, he would cry when I left a room, follow me everywhere, and be aggressive towards other dogs.

Within weeks I noticed a huge change in Scooby, his recall is excellent, we are still in the process of training but he is a completely different dog, it’s the best decision I have made. I would definitely recommend Lynn to others.

Bedford, Bedfordshire (Testimonial)

27th November 2014

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called
Photo of M.B.'s dog

Absolutely fabulous service, great value for money and simple, easy to understand techniques.

My 2 and a half year old Cocker cross Springer Spaniel Tia has been a handful since she was about 6 months old and we were at the end of our tether with her. She had to be locked away when we had visitors as she would jump up and try and sit on everyone's laps, would also pull on the lead and was generally a bit naughty, but with Lynn's help and support we now have a calm, well behaved family dog, and the difference was noticeable even after only a few hours. Lynn also recommended that we change Tia's diet which has also made a big difference.

All the theory behind the techniques and recommendations is explained In detail which makes them easier to understand. Very much looking forward to working on recall techniques.

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (Testimonial)

19th November 2014

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Puppy Management
Photo of C.C.'s dog

Lyn is brilliant. Baxter is a young puppy who is very intelligent. The problem is not him, it's us! Lyn has helped us see that with a calm manner and consistent commands we can train him to be the dog he is meant to be. Everything was explained in simple terms and Baxter responded very well. We feel much more in control knowing that if we have a problem Lyn is on the end of the phone or will make a follow up visit. Thank you

Wembley, Middlesex (Testimonial)

17th November 2014

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Puppy Management Toileting
Photo of V.C.'s dog

We called Lynn when our Rottweiler puppy Torin was screaming non stop when crated. We have owned dogs before, so felt a little uneasy asking for help but that was a best decision made. Lynn made us feel at ease from the moment she walked through our front door. We have received advice on all aspects of how we should behave with our puppy. Lynn addressed all issues raised, explained the importance of positive leadership and showed techniques we should be using when training Torin. Thank you Lynn.

London, Middlesex (Testimonial)

6th November 2014

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called

We are currently going through the adoption process and have a small friendly yorkie. He jumps up to greet people and can get excited but not all the time, but we have to prove to social services he will never be a risk to a small child. (which of course he is less dominent for that). Lynn has helped us and instructed us on how to calm him down and not to jump up when people visit and for us to take on the role of being the leader and being more in control of him. He now walks on the lead at our side, hardly barks (a yorkie trait), appears calmer in himself and is getting to learn his role in the family. He is on raw food which is helping too as advised. Lynn is helping us with the problems we are having with social services to convince them that Bertie is a loving family dog (which of course he is) and we cannot thank her enough. He now has continual training to learn more and giving Bertie a role with direction and he now knows who is the leader. The training is fantastic thank you so much Lynn for all your help and support.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire (Testimonial)

4th November 2014

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called Toileting
Photo of M.H.'s dog

Me and my partner Emily were having problems with our French bulldog, Roux. He was toileting eveywhere, wouldn't sleep and wasn't very keen on walking. Lynn came in and within two and a half hours made us feel like we were in control of our lives, rather than Roux in control of ours.

Lynn has a firm but fair hand. Admittedly we'd been doing a lot of things wrong with Roux, but Lynn explained why they were problematic and how to correct them. Sometimes we felt a little bit sheepish about our choices, but Lynn helped us see that if we wanted a different dog, we'd have to make a different choice.

Admittedly, we felt overwhelmed by the size of the task at hand, and the amount of information that we had to take in on the first, but having all the leaflets about each aspect of dog behaviour we wanted to change, it made it feel much more manageable.

I think the most profound aspect for us was Lynn's recommendation on the food we were feeding Roux. We've started to transition Roux onto raw foods, and I think within just 24 hours, his poos are a little less stinky and as frequent.

Also, having Lynn on hand to help us going forward takes the pressure off getting it right first time.

An amazing experience, and one that is leaps and bounds above puppy training, which is an experience that we have to tailor ourselves to rather than the training tailored to us.

London (Testimonial)

10th October 2014

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises
Photo of S.S.'s dog

I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about canine behaviour as I have worked in Veterinary Practice for over 20 years but when Murphy started to act aggressively towards other people's pets. I was at a complete loss. Having tried other cheaper behaviourists and got nowhere, I contacted Lynn Prentice as she had been recommended to me by other staff at my Practice. Lynn arrived on time, assessed Murphy and over the next few hours very tactfully assessed all the mistakes I have been making. When pointed out, I became extremely aware of all the things I had been doing to make Murphy feel the need to protect me as I had unwillingly put him in charge. At no time did Lynn ever make me feel bad or embarrassed even though if the truth be told, I should have know better! Lynn suggested many small things I could do to put me back as Pack Leader and within only 2 weeks, the difference in Murphy has been astounding. He obedience level has improved 100 fold and not once, has he shown even the slightest sign of being uncomfortable/aggressive to any other animal. As someone who see's many "professional" behaviourists within my work environment, I can say, hand on heart, try Lynn first as you will not need to go anywhere else. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for.

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (Testimonial)

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