Bark Busters | United Kingdom | News & Tips The latest news from Bark Busters United Kingdom. The world's largest dog training company Tue, 16 Jul 2024 06:57:54 +0000 Bark Busters RSS Feed Creator 1.0 Bark Busters | United Kingdom | News Feed provided by Bark Busters UK. Click to visit. Heatstroke in dogs - know the signs and what to do Knowing what to do if your dog suffers from heatstroke could save your dog's life. Knowing the signs of heatstroke and acting fast is vital to ensure that your dog fully recovers.Recognising the signs of heatstrokeWhen a dog gets too hot and is unable to cool itself by panting, heatstroke can set in Mon, 11 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000