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Manda Denny, Dog Obedience Trainer & Behaviour Therapist

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I offer a variety of options to conduct lessons whilst maintaining social distancing. This includes home lessons, conducting lessons in your garden / open spaces and using video conferencing where applicable. We have introduced a new "Home Lesson Risk Assessment" to help to combat the spread of the virus.

Manda Denny, behaviourist and dog training Bradford & Skipton, qualified PPDTI (Adv), Grand Master Trainer and Behavioural Therapist. I am your local Bark Busters therapist and I’m happily owned and loved by 4 border collies. I'm a long-time dog trainer, qualifying at an Advanced level with The Dog Training Instructors Course (DTIC) and also the Pet Dog Training Institute (PDTI). as well as training dogs and their owners, I also train people to become pet dog instructors too. I've run regular behaviour classes up and down the country for years, as well as masterclasses and furthered my career and joined Bark Busters back in 2006.

The route to good dog behaviour is creating a learning opportunity. Make it easy for your dog to learn and you will make it easy on yourself. Dogs, like people, do not handle stress. Barking, boisterousness and destructive behaviour, for example, is often a symptom of our dogs failing to understand what we expect or desire of them. Like us, they need to feel safe and secure. In order to gain that security we have first to understand what is going on in our pets mind. I can help you with that so you are able to communicate with each other. Your training programme will be just that… YOUR programme, tailored to you and your dog. At Bark Busters we have long understood that one size cannot fit all so we look at everything that is going on in your pets life.

  • Fast, Effective & Long Lasting Results
  • Proven Training That Works
  • All Problems Addressed
  • Any Dog, Any Age, Including Puppies

If you're looking for dog training near you, then you've found the right place. My methods are positive, rewarding, humane and totally hands-off, until it's time to give them a fuss to reward the good behaviours. This approach is why I have been engaged to run classes for re-homed rescue dogs and why I have run sessions for rescue staff and vets in the understanding and handling of stressed dogs in their care. I don't just deal with dogs that pull, or who jump up or bark. I take a holistic approach to your situation with your dog which allows us to see success with more the more complex challenges such as Separation Anxiety and Aggression.

I can help you train out unwanted behaviours, allowing you to train in new, desirable ones. I myself enjoy participating in a number of dog sports, and the skills you will work on with me really can allow you to go on to even very high drive activities if you want to. Just ask me and I'll show you how.

Backed by the Bark Busters Guarantee

You only pay once and I return free of charge until you're happy that the problem is resolved. Not only that, if your dog develops a different problem it's all covered on the guarantee too, at no additional cost.

I can also help if you are looking for a dog trainer in Halifax or Keighley


how we can help you and your furry friend

Bark Busters Home Dog Training Services

The Bark Busters communication methods help solve behaviour issues such as aggression towards people or other animals

  • Cure embarrassing habits like barking, jumping up on people, scratching & whining at doors or inappropriate toileting.
  • Create an obedient dog or puppy that will happily walk on the lead without tugging, sit or stay on command, and come immediately when called.
  • Set off-limit areas.
  • Reduce the stress of separation anxiety without the need for sedatives or drugs.

We teach you to communicate with your pet.

Do you find yourself shouting? Do you think your pet isn't listening to you? Maybe you're simply not speaking their language. The Bark Busters communication method is based on the way how our dogs communicate with each other and how they learn from older, more experienced members in the pack. This is what makes our training unique and effective.

Why do we train in your home?

Your pet lives with a family, in a home. This is where he spends most of his time and misbehaves most often, so this is where our programme is most effective. Our dogs learn by association. Bark Busters teaches him to listen in the home environment. If he does not listen at home, he will most probably not listen outside where there are far more distractions.

In your home we teach a one-on-one system without other distractions or the stress of being sent away from you to learn.

Of course, where you are experiencing problems outside the home such as pulling on the lead or dog aggression etc..., we will set up controlled situations in the park or wherever is most practical.

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