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Puppy Training

Give your puppy the very best start in life. Lay the foundation for a trusting bond and well behaved dog with our individual puppy education programmes

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Dog Obedience Training

Turn your good dog into a great dog. Our approach is about education to get rid of those frustrating and annoying habits, for a well behaved dog

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Behaviour Problems

Feeling stressed? Have you desperately been trying everything and seeing no improvement? We we have the solution to your dog's behaviour problems

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Dog Training in Your Home

An international company founded over 35 years ago and over 1 million dogs trained worldwide. Bark Busters trainers work directly with you in your own home to resolve behaviour problems and help with your general training needs. Of course, where problem behaviours happen outside your home, we work with you to resolve problems such as pulling, lunging, chasing and more severe problems such as aggression to other dogs, animals, or people.

Our approach works because it is based on how dogs naturally learn and communicate. Whether you have a puppy, adolescent or older dog, by ensuring they follow your cues and commands will help them navigate and thrive in the human world they live in.

35 Years, Training over 1 Million Dogs

Our training programmes consider the unique challenges you are facing, fostering a positive relationship between you and your dog. Our method enables you to build a lasting, emotional bond based on trust and respect, which in turn aids in overcoming the challenges with your dog. Bark Busters Home Dog Training behaviour therapists focus on dog owners too. We teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog so that you have the necessary tools to overcome any of your dog's behaviour problems. Our techniques work with any breed, any age and with any behaviour problem. You and your dog get one-to-one personal attention in your home, a tailored training plan for both you and your dog. Our support guarantee gives you the peace of mind that your trainer is here to help and support you for the life of your dog.

Life of Your Dog Support Guarantee

We believe in our methods and our 35 years of amazing results they have achieved, which is why Bark Busters offers our unique "Life of the Dog Support Guarantee". If you purchase our Gold Service, your trainer will continue to work with you, in your home and free of charge, to address new or any recurring behaviour problems, for the entire life of your dog. We will continue to visit you to provide practical training to resolve the behaviour problems you are experiencing, and we are there to help and support you for your dog's entire life.

New Home?
Not a problem, you're covered

Bark Busters free of charge support guarantee remains valid even if you move home and we have a Bark Busters trainer covering your area. We continue to provide home visits in covered areas, and if there is no trainer that services your new postcode, Bark Busters will provide remote assistance by phone, email, video chat, or another electronic method.



What our customers are saying


"Ben is really friendly and put us at ease straight away. He explained the process really well and checked all of the way through with us that we understood what he was saying during training sessions. He was brilliant with Dottie who I think has become her best buddy! Dottie responded to Ben really well and we noticed a difference in her behaviour over the following weeks and beyond. Ben was professional at all times and we are looking forward to our next training session. I would not hesitate to suggest bark busters to friends or family"

Trainer: Ben Jordan

"Tim has been brilliant with his advice for my dog and me😊 my dog has been making good progress and a much welcomed second visit helped me to work with my dog for her and me to enjoy our walks with less stress/anxiety ( hopefully!) my dog is responding well and positively to Tim’s advice. Tim has a great relaxed and non judgment manner and doesn’t make the owner feel they are doing things wrong, he listens and understands and quickly offers the better way to handle your dog or situation. By far the best advice and guidance I have had….. one to one far better than books and videos etc. Thankyou Tim😊."

Trainer: Tim

"Lynn was fantastic, very quick to identify the issues with our dog’s behaviour and talked through how to address each one in a clear and concise way. Since seeing Lynn our dog’s behaviour has improved markedly and we couldn’t recommend her enough!"

Trainer: Lynn Prentice

"I found Kirsty Dudfield to be very personable, knowledgeable and my nervous dog Paddy seemed fairly relaxed with her during the lesson. Paddy seemed to respond quite quickly to the instructions given, although I am aware that all training is on going this was gentle, but positive and I am very pleased with the results so far."

Trainer: Kirsty Dudfield

"The session was very thorough and I felt that Dave understood the problems we were encountering. We were sent a comprehensive summary and clear explanation of further activities"

Trainer: David Jefferay

"Kevin has quite literally changed our lives. Since having our first daughter three years ago, our dog became very protective and reactive. We now have two children and ever since our second, things had got even worse. Rita would bark, nip and warn off anyone who approached our children. She even caught family members hands/legs; causing minor injuries. She would jump up a lot and assert dominance. Her recall was also poor and she didn’t follow instructions. We were unable to take Rita to restaurants or have her around our friend’s children. Our family members and friends were unable to interact with our hug our children as Rita would go for them. Kevin spent four hours with us and our lives are now changed forever. Rita listens carefully, is no longer aggressive, protective or reactive and is a happy, relaxed and calm dog. We thought Rita was aggressive however Kevin showed us that an actual aggressive dog is very rare. He showed us that actually Rita just didn’t know her place in the pack, was anxious/nervous and that we needed to reset things and learn to ‘speak dog’. Thank you so much! You are a miracle worker."

Trainer: Kevin McDonnell

"Our 2 year old Jack Chi, Fennec is a lovely boy, but he's very anxious and needy. We've had issues with reactivity on the lead and separation anxiety, among other things. We had our first training session with Alex a few days ago. I wasn't sure what to expect and was very nervous, but I soon relaxed as, unlike a lot of trainers would, he didn't tell us off for giving treats or allowing Fennec up on the furniture etc; He just explained how those things should be on our own terms, not the dogs. We felt silly growling at him, but it works. We still have a lot of work to do, but it was a really great start and we've already seen positive changes in Fennec. By the end of the lesson, he was curled up, fast asleep in his own bed - which is unheard of! We are very much looking forward to our next lesson. So far so good!"

Trainer: Alex Fraser

"Emma came for our first training session. The knowledge she has got about dogs is exceptional, the whole experience from her advice given to putting it into practice exceeded my expectations, her explanations as to why my Rosie behaves like she does made total sense. Emma gave great advice not just with the reason she was here for but in all areas. She opened my eyes and made me realise that other issues are connected with the main issue. At the end of the session there were obvious improvements. Thank you Emma I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Look forward to the next one x"

Trainer: Emma Barrett

"We had an excellent lesson with Dave. He spent time understanding our concerns and getting to know us and Olive. We took Olive on a walk and received lots of useful advice both during and following the visit."

Trainer: David Jefferay

"Gina was very good and helpful. Giving us really helpful information and advice. Using great words and techniques."

Trainer: Gina Williams

Our Dog Training Services

Lifetime Support Guarantee

Our worldwide support guarantee is unique. It is designed to help dog owners resolve their dog's behaviour problems and to provide customers with ongoing support and peace of mind...

Free Behaviour Assessment

Find out how your dog's behaviour rates. Try our free behaviour assessment. Results are emailed along with the contact details of your local trainer for expert help if needed...

Free Dog Training Tips and Advice

At the request of our many dog-loving friends, dog owners, and partners across the UK, we'd like to share the following information, addressing a wide variety of dog care, training...

Become a Dog Trainer

Bark Busters are looking for special individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. Running your own dog training business is a dream come true fo...

Dog Training Tips

Heatstroke in dogs - know the signs and what to do...

Knowing what to do if your dog suffers from heatstroke could save your dog's life. Knowing the signs of heatstroke and acting fast is vital to ensure that your dog fully recovers. Recognising the signs of heatstroke When a dog gets too hot and is unable to cool itself by panting, heatstroke can set in. The warning signs to look for are: Heavy panting an...

Preventing Separation Anxiety When Returning To Work...

All across the UK and in many other countries, animal shelters have been reporting exceptionally high numbers of adoptions since the COVID 19 pandemic has started. Some shelters, like the Riverside County Animal Shelter in California, USA even ended up completely empty. It seems that many people have decided that the lockdown is the perfect time to welcom...

Managing your time at home with your dog...

Recent events of Coronavirus have led to a sudden rise in time at home for all family members - including the four-legged ones! Moving work, school and other responsibilities into our homes means navigating new distractions and tackling unique challenges for our dogs and humans too. Luckily, we've learned a thing or two over our 31 years of training and...

Top 10 Indoor Games for your Dog...

Dogs love to play outside, no matter what the weather or situation. When circumstances won’t allow it, dog owners can get creative at home to entertain our furry friends! Here is a list of indoor games to stimulate your dog's brain and to keep your dog happy, healthy and to enhance the bond you share. Where’s the Treat? What You Need: 3-4 empty...

Working from home with your dog...

Do you now find yourself working from home? Some dogs ease into this scenario and can be with their owners throughout the day without exhibiting behaviour problems. However, for others there are a number of problems that develop, such as dogs demanding attention by barking or whining and often at the worst possible times. Why do dogs act up in the home offi...


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