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Bark Busters Reviews and Customer Testimonials

22nd November 2023 - Lee Hardy

Lee dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall

Lee’s approach to our concerns with Alfie was amazing - he communicated well both with my husband and I and with our dog. He was patient and completely non judgemental - the time he spent with us was so enlightening and at the end of our lesson I couldn’t believe how much I had learned about how best to communicate with our dog. His feed back was sent promptly and was concise, easy to follow and very practical. After just one session, and following Lee’s advice and instructions, we have seen a marked improvement in how Alfie responds to us - I would definitely recommend Bark Busters, and Lee in particular, to anyone who is struggling to communicate with their dog!

- M.O, Nantwich (Testimonial)

21st November 2023 - Lynn Prentice

Lynn dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Puppy management, Toileting

My first session with Lynne was very informative and everything made sense as to where I was going wrong. I have seen immediate improvement in my puppies behaviour.

- L.S, Watford (Testimonial)

20th November 2023 - Lee Hardy

Lee dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

Lee was very friendly and approachable and explained techniques very well. We saw some improvements on the day and working hard on our training, looking forward to catching up with him in a few weeks to assess progress

- F.M, Linton (Testimonial)

20th November 2023 - Shauna Hoey

Shauna dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Recall

Shauna was amazing. Cannot believe how quickly our dog has responded.

- G.G, Maidstone (Testimonial)

20th November 2023 - Lee Hardy

Lee dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

The session was very helpful and we are seeing good results with what Lee asked us to implement.

- c.B, Derby (Testimonial)

19th November 2023 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Separation anxiety

Kevin was brilliant

- T.M, Newton Abbot (Testimonial)

19th November 2023 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Puppy management, Recall

We have a 6 month old vizsla puppy who had stopped listening to any commands and was pulling so hard on the lead it was becoming increasingly difficult to walk him. He would jump up at everyone and every other dog he saw and would not settle.Thanks to Kevin's help, we can now take control and stop any alpha behaviour before it gets out of hand. Talking our dog for a walk is enjoyable and stress free. I can't recommend Kevin's services enough, definitely worth the money.

- A.G, Cullompton (Testimonial)

18th November 2023 - Tim

Tim dealt with Barking, Pulling, Sibling rivalry

1 week after our first session and it’s like we have different dogs! Tim was patient, non-judgemental and kind. The behaviours have improved so much in a short space of time. I feel like I have a closer bond with my dogs, and I am beginning to enjoy walking them, when it was very stressful before! Our very barky dogs have been transformed!

- S.M, Ipswich (Testimonial)

17th November 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking, Puppy management, Recall, Other

Our dog is an anxious Romanian rescue dog who has developed inappropriate boundary barking and who can be unpredictable with other dogs. Alex worked with us to give us the tools to correct and reward her in a clear but calm and caring way. Alex shared his experience and evidence based knowledge in a clear and factual way (with a bit of humour thrown in !) He engaged in problem solving for our own set of circumstances, coming up with practical and workable solutions. He left us feeling empowered and very positive about the changes we can make in reducing Dahlia’s anxiety.

- G.O, Oldham (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Following covid I have met a lot of foreign rescue dogs and in the main they tend to be more nervous than the average UK rescue and the majority are more nervous of males than females. The session went really well and she did really well on her walk, although we didn’t encounter many other dogs on the walk. This is why follow up support is so important as we can plan a walk where we will encounter more dogs in a controlled way. Follow upon sessions are also important to make sure the family are being consistent with their daily ground rules etc. Looking forward to catching up with them all in the future.

14th November 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking, Pulling

Alex was amazing and Brandy has even improved since the first lesson!

- E.T, Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Brandy was quite nervous when I first turned up and she had started to become worried on a walks. She did really well inside their home, so by the time we did some outside work she already had more confidence in her owners. Using the Wagg Walker harness she walked beautifully to heel, and with the lead slightly slack, she was a lot more confident. Great session, and I’m delighted to hear she is doing better already

12th November 2023 - Emma Barrett

Emma dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Other

I have a reactive dog and I was unable to walk her or get her to behave inside the house. I tried treats, clickers etc... nothing seemed to work. Once we decide to have Emma meet my dog instantly my dog was behaving in the house and Emma helped me become a better owner for my dog. Eventually we merged outside where my dog can now go face to face with a family members dog and not react! We're slowly progressing to walk in the streets and at the moment we need to walk on the opposite side of the road to a dog. But this is major progress where as before my dog couldn't even be in site of another dog! I highly recommend as Emma did not judge me for adopting a reactive dog from dogs trust at a young age and unexperienced. Emma made me and my partner feel like we can change my dogs life for the better and take control.

- L.G, Coventry (Testimonial)

12th November 2023 - Emma Barrett

Emma dealt with Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Separation anxiety

I could not be happier with our first session with Emma. We have recently adopted two very nervous and very stressful pups from a Romanian rescue centre. They are extremely reactive to any noise or situation they are not used to either with barking or chewing of furniture and we are currently unable to take them outside the house because of this. Emma was able to identify all their needs from picking the right diet to demonstrating passive leadership and exploring exercise options. I understand we have a long way to go to help our pups but the techniques and advice we received and have implemented so far has shown results in the right direction. Emma was even able to sit in the same room with them while instructing myself on how to act and respond. We have not had guests in the house in the 3 months since adoption. I am now very hopeful that we may eventually reach a stress free time for our dogs and for them not to be so nervous all the time. I am very appreciative of the help and advice given thus far and look forward to working more with Emma in the near future.

- D.L, COVENTRY (Testimonial)


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