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Our Support Guarantee

The Bark Busters worldwide home dog training service guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behaviour and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. It provides for the following:

  • Written: A written, copy of the dog training instruction and guarantee on your Bark Busters receipt which is an official Bark Busters document for your support guarantee and outlines all the training methods which must be adopted, by you, to help to resolve your dog's behaviour problems.

  • Backed Up: Your trainer is supported by the largest home dog training company in the world. You should retain of copy of your receipt as proof of your support guarantee.

  • The Support Guarantee: The Bark Busters support guarantee simply states that after paying in full for the guarantee qualifying service and provided that you continue to carry out all of the training instructions documented and provided at the training lesson(s), your Bark Busters therapist will work with you for the term of the purchased guarantee, to guide you to achieve the desired results at no additional charge for ongoing therapy (excludes assessment and one-off / fixed lesson services).

  • All Problems Covered: The guarantee provides for ongoing, free of charge assistance no matter if the same problems recur, or if new problems arise. There is no additional service charge when your trainer returns, except for transportation costs or if agreed in advance in certain areas falling outside the geographical area covered by your trainer.

  • Guarantee Moves With The Dog:If for any reason your dog needs to be re-homed, the remaining term of the guarantee transfers to the next owner at no charge. In the case of the lifetime guarantee, the new owner will be trained at no charge and will receive the benefits of the guarantee for the life of the dog. In the case of the one-year guarantee the new owner can upgrade to the lifetime guarantee for an additional charge.

  • Guarantee Moves With The Owner: The guarantee is limited to one place of residence only. It covers your primary place of residence. If you move to another permanent location, the guarantee continues to be valid, either for the life of the dog, or one year from the date on the initial receipt, depending on the service purchased. If a Bark Busters trainer owns the territory to which you move, on-going service will be provided at no additional charge (a transfer fee may apply). If a Bark Busters trainer does not own a territory where you move to, Bark Busters will provide support, via telephone and email, for the term of the guarantee. If you move to other parts of the world where Bark Busters has offices, ongoing support is also covered at no ongoing charge (a transfer fee may apply).

  • Limitations of Cover and Support Guarantee Termination: The guarantee is not a money back guarantee. The guarantee does not entitle you to a fixed number of lessons or a schedule of lessons. The guarantee is valid only when payment is received in full. Your trainer will continue to work with you on a free of charge basis (excluding mileage charge, if applicable) to assist you with your dog's behaviour problems, for the term of the guarantee. Follow-up sessions may be given virtually or in person at our option. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that the training instruction is implemented and that your guarantee may be terminated if all members of the household fail to implement and follow the training daily. Your support guarantee may be terminated if we reasonably believe that any members of the household fail to implement and follow the training daily, or if we reasonably believe your dog is being mistreated in any way. Your support guarantee may be terminated if you fail to update your trainer on your progress, as instructed by your trainer, and to notify your Bark Busters trainer immediately if problems persist or recur. If your dog passes away or is euthanized, your guarantee will be terminated. The support guarantee will be terminated if you engage in an alternative / unauthorised form of training without the written approval from your Bark Busters trainer. We may terminate the support guarantee if, despite several follow up sessions, the same problems persist and we, in our reasonable opinion, consider that no further lessons will alleviate the relevant behaviours or problems. The guarantee is not transferable to another dog. The guarantee is only valid for your primary place of residence which is the address listed on the official receipt. Your support guarantee will be terminated if you tell us that you no longer wish your trainer to return. The guarantee is a support guarantee and does not guarantee to fix the behaviour problems that you are experiencing with your dog(s). A copy of your official receipt is required for you to receive on-going support, under the guarantee. Bark Busters reserves the right to make alterations to the support guarantee without notice. An up-to-date version of the guarantee and terms and conditions is available on written request or via the Bark Busters website Bark Busters reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.

  • Your Trainer: Bark Busters is a trading name of the therapist & trainer quoted on your official receipt, who is licensed under a franchise agreement, with the Master Franchisee, BBDT (UK) Limited, to trade in their territory using the Marks "Bark Busters". Your trainer is an independent business operator/owner. The terms and conditions are between you and that independent business operator/owner (and any reference to ‘we’ or ‘us’ in these terms is a reference to that operator) and they are also responsible for your support guarantee. Should the trainer become unable to work or cease to trade in your area, they will make arrangements for BBDT (UK) Limited (or any successor to the Master Franchisee) to arrange for another trainer to continue to provide telephone and email support for the term of the support guarantee. The trainer is an independent business owner/operator and is responsible for the continuation of support and the service.

  • Over 35 Years of History: Bark Busters has grown to be the largest dog training company in the world, with over 1 million dogs trained. The guarantee has been part of the company since 1989 when company founders, Danny and Sylvia Wilson, decided that it would help to significantly reduce the number of dogs that were being euthanised and provide customers peace of mind for many years. The company is expanding rapidly in the UK, and internationally, and can be counted upon to fully honour its guarantee.

Please consult your local trainer for pricing information.

You can read more about the Guarantee and other questions on our FAQ's page.

To request information or to book a lesson with your local trainer, please see our find a trainer page.

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