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Welcome to dog training Ipswich, my name is Tim, and I am your local Bark Busters dog behaviourist, therapist and trainer. Dogs see the world in a very different way to us humans, so it's understandable we sometimes find that the dog we hoped would be a great addition to the family, has become a confused unruly, noisy, destructive, or seemingly unpredictable. It sometimes seems that our dogs are defiant or trying to push the boundaries. They are just seeing the world in a canine way, so it's important for us to understand them and why they act this way before we can help to change their unwanted behaviour.

My training is fast, effective and has long lasting results. I come to you, where your dog will be less stressed, and we develop a manageable and personalised training plan for you and your dog's specific issues. I continue to support you "free of charge" for the term you purchase. Our unique Bark Busters Support Guarantee gives you peace of mind that I will return to visit you, at no additional cost, when you need ongoing help and support. No other dog training company provides the support guarantee that we offer. Do check our reviews and testimonials for confirmation.

If you are looking for professional dog training near you in Ipswich, then you have found the right place. My training system resolves behaviours like separation anxiety, aggression, sibling rivalry, excess barking, pulling on the lead, recall problems, chewing and destruction, toileting problems, jumping up and much more. These are common issues for many dog owners, but the causes behind each dog reacting in this way, is very individual to each dog and owner.

"1 week after our first session and it's like we have different dogs! Tim was patient, non-judgemental and kind. The behaviours have improved so much in a short space of time. I feel like I have a closer bond with my dogs, and I am beginning to enjoy walking them, when it was very stressful before! Our very barky dogs have been transformed!"

Sometimes canine personality, breed, previous experiences, or age will have an effect.  That's why I take as full a history as possible, so that we can assess the causes behind the behaviour and then choose the perfect training programme. My techniques have helped many clients improve their relationship with their dogs.

If you are not enjoying your dog all the time, there is a tendency for us manage the problems rather than find the best way to resolve them. Human and dog lives can be improved with the right approach using gentle, fun training techniques that replicate real life situations resolving problems that are currently impacting your enjoyment with your dog.

The Bark Busters techniques have developed and been adapted for over 35 years, by the many therapists and trainers worldwide, leveraging voice tone and body language that dogs naturally use. It is great to see clients watch their dog changing in front of their eyes, into focused and responsive members of the family, often at the first lesson.  It's lovely working with experienced dog owners as well, and the anxious people bringing home a new puppy or rescue dog for the very first time to join the family. Showing them how to ensure their new family member has the very best start in life.

About me
I grew up in London, and over the years my family had a variety of black Labradors as family pets. Once my education finished, for many years, I travelled and earned my living overseas as a self-employed member of the tourist industry, but sadly my job prevented me from having a dog, lacking the time and attention that it would deserve. After moving back home, close to family, I settled in my own home and Hazel a chocolate Labrador puppy came into my life.  She grew to be a large strong puller and destroyed so much of my home, I often despaired of being able to enjoy her fully! How I wish I'd known about the Bark Busters training in her early years. She is now an elderly lady and is happy to sleep, eat (she is a Labrador after all) and enjoy gentle exercise.

I've always had an affinity for all animals and have been a volunteer with the RSPCA, walking dogs, cleaning out pens and kennels, often sad at the number of animals that needed help.  Another charity that I work with, helps owners who are struggling to keep their domestic pets due to illness or the cost of living. However, providing help, assistance, advice, vet care and behaviour training, many people can keep their beloved pet after all.

My own home houses a variety of rescue animals so Hazel and I have various small furry and feathered friends that keep us busy.

If you are having any problems, I can help you. Our motto is Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem. Puppies, adult dogs, or a needy rescue, I can tailor make a programme to suit you. So please do make contact for a no obligation chat to find out how I can help.


How I can help you

Home Puppy training Classes

  • Bad behaviour prevention
  • Toilet training
  • Diet and feeding
  • Sit, stay and down training
  • Pulling on the lead & walking
  • Recall - coming when called
    and more....

General Obedience

  • A good dog into a great dog
  • Fast, effective, long lasting
  • Proven training that works
  • You only pay once
  • Free return visits

Behaviour Problems

My training programmes are ideal for early puppy education through to adult dogs, to overcome any behaviour problems and to train all types of obedience. I address your dog's behaviour problems such as aggression, barking, jumping up, pulling on the lead, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, and much more...

Life of the Dog Support Guarantee

  • Any dog, age, or problem
  • You only pay once
  • Free return visits
  • Peace of mind

Covered for any behaviour problem, even in the furture.


My Customer Tesimonials

"Both my dog and I need to be confident with each other, and I feel I have been introduced to the training I need to achieve this. Early days, though!"

Trainer: Tim

"Tim took the time to understand Ernie and our family dynamic. He was warm and friendly, and I felt comfortable asking any questions. By the end of the lesson, he had my dog loose lead walking and then I I was able to repeat the method! It was such an overwhelming relief, and I knew that we were on our way to correcting some of Ernie’s major behaviour issues even after just one session. Tim helped me get some of the control back. The homework was clear and helpful."

Trainer: Tim

"Tim was absolutely amazing with our dog (Duncan). Within 10mins he was listening to Tim's commands I couldn't believe my eyes. The training schedule he gave us for Duncan has worked from day one."

Trainer: Tim

"In one session, Tim was able to correct my dog’s behaviour pretty much instantly and gave me the tool / tactic to use to achieve the same myself. So far, so good! She seems to have learnt a new habit through me being consistent, and seems much calmer."

Trainer: Tim

"Tim was very helpful and has given me sound advice which I have begun to instigate. So far, it seems to be working although it's early days. I already feel more confident and Molly respects me more as the "master". Fingers crossed it will be onwards and upwards!"

Trainer: Tim

"Tim was great at our home visit, nice and friendly bloke and you can tell he has a lot of knowledge about dogs! I was really nervous about Dorito being around him but it went so well and I can’t wait to see all the improvements! Would 100% recommend this company to anyone!"

Trainer: Tim

"We met Tim a couple of months ago to help with our 2 dogs, 1 of which is reactive, he took the time to talk about everything that was going on, he gave us many things to do to help and although it will take a while it's definitely getting better, we've had loads of emails with advice and Tim always gets back ASAP with any queries, it really was and is still a pleasure going through the process and helping our boys. Top marks and thank you to Tim and bark busters from Tubz and Hank."

Trainer: Tim

"Explained everything in easy to understand, now have a better insight to the correct approach to training."

Trainer: Tim

"Tim explained what and why Reggie was acting the way he was and gave easy instructions on how to correct his behaviour. It’s only been a week but there has noticed a marked improvement"

Trainer: Tim

"Tim has been brilliant with his advice for my dog and me😊 my dog has been making good progress and a much welcomed second visit helped me to work with my dog for her and me to enjoy our walks with less stress/anxiety ( hopefully!) my dog is responding well and positively to Tim’s advice. Tim has a great relaxed and non judgment manner and doesn’t make the owner feel they are doing things wrong, he listens and understands and quickly offers the better way to handle your dog or situation. By far the best advice and guidance I have had….. one to one far better than books and videos etc. Thankyou Tim😊."

Trainer: Tim


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