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Welcome to home dog training Northwich, I'm David Jefferay your local dog and puppy behaviour therapist for Bark Busters. If you are checking out my page, it is possible that you have a dog that you are not enjoying 100%. You may be experiencing jumping up, barking at noises in the house or garden, causing neighbours to complain. It may be pulling your arm out of it socket when on the lead or being reactive to other dogs or people on the street. It could be separation anxiety or chasing animals or being unable to call your dog back in all situations. If you have more than one dog, are they getting on well or are there signs of sibling rivalry between them? Any resource guarding or toileting in the home? Whatever, it might be, I will be happy to help you achieve a happy, responsive dog who listens to you all the time, whenever you want.

You may have an overprotective German Shepherd, a nipping Border Collie, a noisy terrier, a "doodle" that won't come back when you call or even a dog with OCD. You may be new to having a dog in your life, whether it's an adult rescue or you have a new puppy, if you have any concerns and would like help in person or remotely by video conferencing, I can help you. Give me a call and we'll explain how I work and our unique Life of the dog or 12-months support guarantees.

I've always loved dogs and when I was young my parents had a variety of dogs. One I remember with great fondness was Buster, a Border Collie cross German Shepherd. He was a wonderful dog and later I named my son after him! Later, there was Cassie who was my first dog after leaving home. She was a young rescue dog who I took to puppy training classes. However, it didn't provide what I wanted (I didn't want a robot) so I researched online and in books and was able to train her myself to be one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs.

Over the years, I frequently saw an old schoolmate driving around in his sign written Bark Busters vehicle and it prompted me to refresh my dog training knowledge. There is so many different approaches, online, TV and in books, and I found it had become very confusing with many contradicting ideas and approaches. So, having talked with my old schoolmate and learning how much he enjoyed his work, I decided that the time was right to consider a change of career!

My wife and I rehomed Perra, a beautiful Spanish rescue dog who we think is German Shepherd cross Galgo, which is a Spanish Greyhound hunting dog. She's large, fast, powerful, and highly intelligent! She arrived at around 5/6 months old and is now 4 yrs old. On her arrival we had to start from the beginning with her training, teaching her where to toilet, what not to chew, how to calmly walk on lead and get her used to our cats and chickens (no chasing allowed). I wasn't sure if she'd take to a crate, but I did get her one and now she loves it. However, the cats rule in our house and they take over the crate, where Perra is far too polite to ask them to move! With my young son in the house I am currently training both Perra and my son, the boundaries they need for basic safety and to avoid jealousy.

Looking for professional dog training near you, then you've found the right place. Bark Busters methods are based on the way that dogs naturally communicate with each other, using voice tone and body language. Our training has no harsh methods and leverages the natural instinct that dogs find easy to understand. They quickly learn to trust and have fun playing the games that we teach to rehabilitate the issues you're having. I'll demonstrate and then coach you to use the same techniques so that they can practice after we leave. It's better for all the family to be involved so they can all have fun and help each other. Our approach teaches trust with various techniques and games to change the unwanted behaviour that needs our assistance.

Currently, I am studying for the Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine) which is fascinating, whilst thoroughly enjoying my work with Bark Busters and the lovely clients and dogs I meet.

My main wish and the best reward I can have, is to help dogs and their owners enjoy each other 100% of the time, to ensure that dogs do not end up being relinquished to a rescue organisation for rehoming due to unwanted behaviour. Any dog of any age with any behaviour problem deserves a second chance.

Also, our unique lifetime of the dog or 12-months support guarantees, where you only pay once and receive free ongoing support for the chosen period, will give you peace of mind that help is always available for any issue when you need it. Contact me today, I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your dog.

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