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1st January 2011

Janet Goosen dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises

Sophie responded extremely well and very quickly to Janet and this has been maintained since Janet's first visit. Following the advice Janet gave us Sophie now realises she isn't the pack leader.

J & P.W.
Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire (Testimonial)

30th December 2010

Nicki Platt dealt with: Pulling on the Lead

Nicki was brilliant she explained everything so well and wrote a few things out that we need to do.

But we are very happy with BarkBusters and we would highly recommend.

Merseyside (Testimonial)

29th December 2010

Janet Goosen dealt with: Puppy Management

Janet was fabulous. She explained everything clearly and her methods really worked. This is our first pet and we were very nervous but Janet put us at ease and praised what we had done with Ruby so far. She didn't make me feel inadequate instead she built up our confidence by providing us with techniques to cope with our new puppy - enjoy her but be in control!!! We would recommend Janet to any new dog owner.

K & M.S.
Leeds, West Yorkshire (Testimonial)

23rd December 2010

Lynn Prentice dealt with: Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety

Lynn was professional calm and very competent.She explained the procedure in a way that was easy to follow and I was amazed when Jess stopped barking and stayed quiet for the rest of the session - even when I invited a neighbour in - -Amazing!

Cassie is much calmer too and we are able to stop her jumping up. Its early days but I am confident that thanks to Lynn we will soon be enjoying a more balanced relationship with Jess and Cassie

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Harlow Essex (Testimonial)

23rd December 2010

Kim Lummis dealt with: Recall or not coming when called

Kim was fantastic. She handled the situation brilliantly despite constant interruptions by my two daughters. We really felt a major difference in Frank after the session and have a good idea how to deal with him to make our lives easier and Frank behave better.

S & B M
Rottingdean, East Sussex (Testimonial)

22nd December 2010

Nicki Platt dealt with: Hyperactivity Pulling on the Lead

Nickis approach and analysis was excellent. She challenged some of my assumptions without making me feel defensive and her advice seemed well imformed and well evidenced and it's implecation produced almost immediate results. Although we need to do more work we feel confident that we will end up with a better behaved dog and that will ensure that both his, and our more fulfilling and fun.

Merseyside (Testimonial)

22nd December 2010

David and Anthony Swindells dealt with: Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Separation Anxiety

Found David to be very understanding and very good in the way he explained the various training methods. After 2 sessions we have seen a remarkable improvement. No more continuous barking or jumping up and walking well on lead. I would have no hesitation in recommending David and Barkbusters.

Peterborough (Testimonial)

22nd December 2010

Debbie McCulloch dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs and animals or barking for attention or at noises

The results are amazing even after the first visit.

As time went on we could see it was well worth it.

This is a new dog at least that is what I thought.

Barkbusters therapists and Debbie really do the business with firmness,kindness and and skill.

I would certainly recommend them if you have a dog with problems.

Well done I cant thank you enough.

FK (Testimonial)

19th December 2010

Isla Clarke dealt with: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called

Isla was with us for 4 1/4 hours and the results were very good but..the next day when I took her down to the park where we always go daily she was fantastic! Walked to heel, stayed and went to her bed, stayed when instructed even when food was thrown for her. Since then everything has been excellent apart from the box/bed she assumes that we are going out whenever she is put in her bed/box. We will have to work on this!

Alvechurch (Testimonial)

15th December 2010

Amazing, the change in Levi was immediate, this program should be taught to every dog owner. I loved the positive commands that you use when teaching a dog to come, it is so much better than sternly calling them. Great program.

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