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Bark Busters Reviews and Customer Testimonials

4th April 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

I was very suprised how well this training works, Abby is a totally different dog now, she is much calmer, listens better and just a joy to bring around other people, I feel I have the tools to control her in any situtation, I would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone.

- -.S, 0 (Testimonial)

25th March 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

Ken and I were sceptical about the program at first, but after meeting Kevin and spending many hours with him, we have a much better understanding of our dogs, Heidi and Kayley. We saw a change in them both while Kevin was here, and over the past few weeks both have continued to improve. We still have a few issues to work on, but both are much better behaved since we learned how they think. Thanks so much Kevin for all your help!

- -.J, 0 (Testimonial)

5th March 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

We are extremely happy with the performance and improvement of our dog, Kerym. She now comes on command, eats her food on command, and will stop barking on command. My husband has even improved! She still pulls when she sees other dogs (which we are working on) but the Halti helps with this. Thank you, again, Kevin!

- -.L, 0 (Testimonial)

27th February 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

What a great experience! It is like night and day! It solved our biggest problem... the biting! We have alot to do, and it will take work, but the change happened, and it was amazing... completly different dog. Kevin is awesome! Great guy, great personality, would highly recommend him and Bark Busters.

- -.J, 0 (Testimonial)

24th February 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin is EXCELLENT! He adapts his material and delivery to the circumstances and people seamlessly. He is professional, courteous, empathetic, and a generally nice guy. I would highly recommend him and Bark Busters!! THANK YOU!

- -.K, 0 (Testimonial)

19th February 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin was great for us and our dog. Our next door neighbour was also very impressed with the training. The information that we were provided has been very beneficial. Day 2 and we can see improvements already.

- -.L, 0 (Testimonial)

10th February 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

Our experience was awesome. After just a few minutes Bailey was a changed dog. Kevin did a fabulous job making our training experience easy to understand and enjoyable. Thanks Kevin.

- -.B, 0 (Testimonial)

7th February 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

This was a very positive experience and I am so thankful that I made the call for help with my dogs. Kevin was so patient and very effective at teaching me how to be a better dog owner. I now have the tools to continue working with my dogs. I feel like I have my sanity back and it's only been 1 day! I would recommend Bark Busters and Kevin to any dog owner that is struggling with their dogs, you won't regret it!

- -.J, 0 (Testimonial)

3rd January 2012 - Kevin McDonnell

Within a few minutes Kevin had our dogs responding to us on a totally different level. Kevin made our training experience easy to understand and very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Kevin to any one that is having issues with their dogs. Thank you again Kevin.

- -.P, 0 (Testimonial)

21st December 2011 - Kevin McDonnell

I am so very glad I chose this method of training my wonderful puppy. Well, I actually was trained but we are both happy with the new arrangement's.

- -.A, 0 (Testimonial)

5th July 2011 - Kevin McDonnell

It was truly amazing. So simple yet so very effective, it is like I have a new dog. Wow, thanks Kevin!!

- -.A, 0 (Testimonial)

16th May 2011 - Kevin McDonnell

Since Kevin has been here Mekenna has improved and will continue to do so. There was a instant change in her behavior and she continues to learn. I am so glad I decided to call on Bark Busters and Kevin is an excellent teacher!

- -.A, 0 (Testimonial)