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Bark Busters Reviews and Customer Testimonials

11th February 2024 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Separation anxiety, Other

Our 2 year old Jack Chi, Fennec is a lovely boy, but he's very anxious and needy. We've had issues with reactivity on the lead and separation anxiety, among other things. We had our first training session with Alex a few days ago. I wasn't sure what to expect and was very nervous, but I soon relaxed as, unlike a lot of trainers would, he didn't tell us off for giving treats or allowing Fennec up on the furniture etc; He just explained how those things should be on our own terms, not the dogs. We felt silly growling at him, but it works. We still have a lot of work to do, but it was a really great start and we've already seen positive changes in Fennec. By the end of the lesson, he was curled up, fast asleep in his own bed - which is unheard of! We are very much looking forward to our next lesson. So far so good!

- N.G, Oldham (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
It was lovely meeting Fennec and he did really well on the initial session. The guttural correction is an excellent way to refocus a dog and works better than any words. We weren’t however able to focus much on lead work due to torrential rain, so we fill focus on this on his first follow up session. This is why the support guarentee works so well. Looking forward to catching up with all soon in a few weeks.

2nd January 2024 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking, Jumping up

Alex came to our house to help with our Cavapom Bruce. Alex was friendly, calm and easy to talk to. He gave us some very good advice and techniques to work on with Bruce which have helped. Bruce is a lot calmer and listens more to instructions. 100% recommend Alex.

- A.H, SALFORD (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Another owner trained and another dog behaving and listening better to their owner. This is such a rewarding job and every job is different, but the results are always the same which is why I Iove what I do!

22nd December 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

After just over one week following the training session with Alex, we have found Albert's reactive behaviour towards people and other dogs to have improved tremendously. We are following the advice given by Alex regarding passive leadership. Albert's correction training is going extremely well and both Albert and Mazey on the whole, are responding calmly when someone comes to the door. Albert's reactions around other dogs whilst out walking is a pleasure and his lead walking "to heal" is improving and it's a pleasure walking the dogs together. Mazey is also becoming more aware of what is expected of her, following the advice Alex gave on her "re-training" needs. It became apparent during the training session with Alex, that both myself and my husband also needed to undertake a refresher on how to handle our dogs, in order for us all to enjoy each others company! Thank you Alex.

- S.L, BACUP (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
As always, I really enjoyed meeting Albert, Mazey and their parents. I was asked to help improve some of Albert’s behaviours, but it became clear that their older dog Mazey was partially the route cause, and in order to have a calmer Albert, they also needed to work with his older sister. Both dogs responded really well on their initial session and I am delighted to hear that they are both behaving and listening better. Keep up the good work!

17th November 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking, Puppy management, Recall, Other

Our dog is an anxious Romanian rescue dog who has developed inappropriate boundary barking and who can be unpredictable with other dogs. Alex worked with us to give us the tools to correct and reward her in a clear but calm and caring way. Alex shared his experience and evidence based knowledge in a clear and factual way (with a bit of humour thrown in !) He engaged in problem solving for our own set of circumstances, coming up with practical and workable solutions. He left us feeling empowered and very positive about the changes we can make in reducing Dahlia’s anxiety.

- G.O, Oldham (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Following covid I have met a lot of foreign rescue dogs and in the main they tend to be more nervous than the average UK rescue and the majority are more nervous of males than females. The session went really well and she did really well on her walk, although we didn’t encounter many other dogs on the walk. This is why follow up support is so important as we can plan a walk where we will encounter more dogs in a controlled way. Follow upon sessions are also important to make sure the family are being consistent with their daily ground rules etc. Looking forward to catching up with them all in the future.

14th November 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking, Pulling

Alex was amazing and Brandy has even improved since the first lesson!

- E.T, Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Brandy was quite nervous when I first turned up and she had started to become worried on a walks. She did really well inside their home, so by the time we did some outside work she already had more confidence in her owners. Using the Wagg Walker harness she walked beautifully to heel, and with the lead slightly slack, she was a lot more confident. Great session, and I’m delighted to hear she is doing better already

26th October 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling

I was more than pleased with the very constructive time I shared with Alex. His instructions were clear and easy to understand. I found him to be very respectful and friendly. Looking forward to continued training.

- I.W, Ashton undefr Lyne (Testimonial)

12th October 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Separation anxiety

Was amazingly surprised by how well our GSD did with some training (mostly for us) from Alex this week! She was like a completely different dog. We still have some way to go but Alex has assured is that he will be on hand and that she (the dog) wants to be obedient and follow commands / the pack.

- C.D, Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
I have met some excitable and chatty GSDs over the past 10 years, and this little lady was certainly one of them. However after some barking and jumping up when I initially entered the home, she soon calmed down and really seemed to enjoy the training (as did her owners). I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly she started to listen and I was delighted with how calm she was when we took her for a short walk. Looking forward to catching up with them all agin to see how they are getting on.

11th October 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Barking

Alex was great. Very quickly sussed out Fabio and his issues. Fabio quickly responded to the training with Alex and again when I had to do the same exercises with Fabio. I was immediately sent information sheets to remind me of what I needed to continue practicing with Fabio which is extremely helpful as there was so much information and many lessons to try and remember. I chose Alex after doing research online and reading other dog owners comments. I would recommend Alex to anyone whose dog is "behaving badly" or simply misunderstood.

- Y.M, SALFORD (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
At the start of the session Fabio was very barky, but I was pleasantly surprised that by the end of the session, he didn’t even bark when I knocked on and his owner let me in. We didn’t fix him or his owner on the first session, but I am confident with some hard work and some consistency, Fabio will be a far mor relaxed little dog. Keep up the good work.

23rd August 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Other

Alex was very friendly and clearly very experienced. He got to work straight away and really tried to understand our dog, Bruce. At the end of the session we felt like we'd been armed with tools to help with some of Bruce's more challenging behaviours and we've been working with them successfully since the session. Would definitely recommend Alex.

- N.B, Manchester (Testimonial)

26th July 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Aggression, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up

Alex was really friendly and confident with Lady. He immediately put me and my mum at ease and Lady listened to him straight away. The tips he gave us were so useful and we have already seen changes in Lady’s heel work and much less jumping when we come into the room. She’s doing really well and we are so pleased we engaged Alex in helping us. We would definitely recommend him and have already passed on his details to a friend in need!

- Z.A, Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
This was a great session and Lady did really really well! She used to jump up a lot when people entered her home and could bark i when nervous. By the end of the first session Lady started to realise that she didn’t have to worry about people entering her home as it wasn’t her responsibility and she felt safe sitting away from the front door when people came in. Following the first session I have been sent a video of the owners daughter walking her on a loose lead, head in line with toes. She is making amazing progress. Keep up the good work!

11th July 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

Alex was very informative easy to get and very quickly got my dog teddie to trust him which was amazing you could see the difference in his behaviour before Alex left. I am a week in and we have made improvements but still a way to go sure if I stick with the plan and instructions will be able to make teddie a much more relaxed and better behaved dog. Lead control is hard work but he is getting there .

- N.L, Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
This session went better than I thought it would as Teddie was very anxious / excited when I first entered their home and barked a lot. I always need to ensure that we do as much as we can on the initial session without rushing it for the owner, but more importantly rushing it for their dog. Following the session most owners will have some quick wins as some behaviours are easier to improve than others. On the flip side, some behaviours can take a lot longer to fix or improve. It’s important that owners continue to be consistent, so some daily programming so that their dogs respond well when they are calm so that in time the owner can refocus their dog when they become more adrenalised.

10th July 2023 - Alex Fraser

Alex dealt with Pulling

Alex was great. He really listened to the issues I am having with Merryn and gave me various activities to try. He modelled everything first which made it easier to then try myself. He was positive and it was great to get the follow on reminder sheets. Thanks Alex!

- J.H, Ramsbottom (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Merryn is a lovely dog who really wants to please, but gets very excited on walks and pulls like a train. Although I find it relatively easy to teach owners to teach their dogs to walk to heel on a slack lead, I believe it is also important to look at everything else that they do both in and out of the home.  The better a dog listens inside, the better they will listen to an owner on a walk. Can’t wait to catch up with them both in a few weeks.


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