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Bark Busters Reviews and Customer Testimonials

21st February 2022 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie was both informative and helpful. Made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Instructions were clear and workable. Based on early results we would definitely recommend to family and friends.

- T, Surbiton’s, Surrey (Testimonial)

18th October 2021 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety

Jacqui was really helpful in showing us techniques to use with Marnie. We've just started but have noticed small improvements already.. its a long road but fingers crossed if we persevere we will get there!

- -.T, Fleet, Hampshire (Testimonial)

15th October 2021 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Jumping up, Recall

Jacqui arrived on time and was friendly and direct she talked with me at length about feeding and the behaviour of Chester- it all made sense and now I am working on everything she said - varying degrees of success so far! change of food opening door exercise long lead zigzagging distance recall I am looking forward to her coming again after my holiday next week

- -.J, ash aldershot, Hampshire (Testimonial)

1st July 2021 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Barking

Jacqui was very nice easy to understand and what she was saying made sense to us. Gizmo is learning the word she gave us but it is taking a bit of time but he does seem to calm down a lot quicker than he was So we think practice makes perfect hopefully

- -.S, Wimbledon, London (Testimonial)

19th April 2021 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other

Lovely lady. Very understanding. Simple but effective advice.

- -.D, Gosport, Hampshire (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Jacquie
A new baby in the house was causing a bit of an upset for this dog. With a little consistency & good communication we were able to get a calmer dog who was happy to accept the new addition!

23rd December 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Barking, Pulling

Very relaxed and informative. Gave us hope and confidence that we can help our dog adjust and reduce barking/ pulling when out walking. We adopted our labrador cross two months ago, she is 10 years old, has had a turbulent past and has various physical issues and we know her reaction to some people, and dogs especially, is one of fear. We were not sure we could teach an old dog new tricks, but with Jaquie's help we can already see some changes after one lesson, so hopefully this will continue.

- -.N, Godalming, Surrey (Testimonial)

27th November 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Jumping up, Pulling

Jacquie addressed with us the issues we had regarding some of Lucy's behaviour. We have found these very useful and busy putting them into practice. We are already experiencing positive behaviour as a result.

- -.E, Guildford, Surrey (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Jacquie
Super little working cocker that only wants to please her owners so with a little help & guidance show

7th October 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Recall

So pleased with our first session ... Dexter responded to Jacquie amazingly and she passed those techniques on to us in a clear manner so we are all able to go forward! Within a week his lead walking has surpassed our expectations and a simple change to his diet was an eye opener ...Thankyou Bark Busters

- -.L, Knaphill, Surrey (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Jacquie
Dexter is a very lovely silver lab, who has been a little out of control recently, especially since hitting adolescence. 
A few boundaries that he understands has meant that he’s having to use his brain which makes him a little bit calmer & gives his owners the chance to enjoy their dog!

25th August 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Chewing, Puppy management, Separation anxiety

Greatly improved our puppy's behaviour with dietary and behavioural advice given by Jackie.

- -.C, GUILDFORD, Surrey (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Jacquie

Lovely whippet puppy who needed some guidance from her owners & a new look at diet.

5th August 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity

Jacquie is AMAZING. I cannot thank her enough. She changed Honey's behaviour quite literally overnight... She taught us so much with just one word! I love that even now, months later, I can still text her for advice too and she'll help. Even with 'silly' things. We recommend her to EVERYONE!

- -.S, Guildford, Surrey (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Jacquie

We did all the initial training via zoom as lockdown had just happened. Honey responded really well, & I have now been out to meet the family & Honey for the first time to have a catch up & do some lead training. Well done to the family & Honey for following the advice.

4th August 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Puppy management

Jacqui was really great. Very knowledgeable and helped us start to train our deaf dog. I was left with lots of info and different things to try.

- -.B, Surbiton, Surrey (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Jacquie

Little Daisy is deaf, but we think she may hear some tones so we are going to work on that. It’s also very important at this early stage that she’s focused on her owner & as she gets a little older we will work on this more so we are able to get her to come to her owner on a hand signal. 

6th March 2020 - Jacquie Callaby

Jacquie dealt with Barking, Pulling, Puppy management

Really happy with what I have to get on with trainer excellent just need to work on the dogs and the rest of the family

- -.R, Aldershot, Hampshire (Testimonial)