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20th May 2022 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall

Estelle asked a lot about Millie, how she was, any worries, and some training. Estelle was very good about how to tell Millie and how to get her to come and stay with different ways to training Millie. Will look forward to the next meeting with Estelle

- s.h, nottingham (Testimonial)

19th May 2022 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Aggression, Jumping up

Estelle was very professional in her job,explained everything very well & we can see an improvement in Mabel already

- B.S, Sutton In Ashfield (Testimonial)

4th April 2022 - Estelle Jackson

Gave some great tips, to help in Nellie's training.

- S, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (Testimonial)

6th March 2022 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle spent the first part of the session to understand Alf's background (former Bosnian street dog rescue) and to understand the dog. She was very friendly and was a good listener. She has left us some "homework" to do with Alf before our next session in a couple of weeks time. Much better than the last dog trainer we had.

- D, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (Testimonial)

3rd January 2022 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Separation anxiety, Other

Estelle has great knowledge and insight into dogs psychology and the fact that the service is provided in the home so that issues can be seen in real time really helps her to provide the right advice for each individual. She demonstrated the steps to take to help with my dogs anxiety around getting in a car, made sure I could replicate it and also provided a write up of the lesson so that I had clear instructions on how to proceed. On Estelle's second visit my dog actually got into the car, something I never thought would happen, especially after just a couple of weeks! We can now go for short drives to visit family and to go to other places for walks. It made my Christmas! We're now working on seperation issues and so far so good. Would highly recommend working with Bark Busters.

- -.J, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire (Testimonial)

30th December 2021 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Recall

We were so pleased that Estelle came to our house so she could see Bertie's behaviour first hand. She quickly identified the issues. It was difficult to hear that we had created the problems but we are now better equipped to deal with them. Estelle prioritised the behaviours that we need to address immediately mainly attention seeking, excited jumping and nipping,barging through doors and lead walking. She sent us a training plan the next morning which we are following. We accept that it is early days and it will take hard work, persistence and consistency but with Estelle's help we are confident that Bertie is on the right path and will become a much calmer and better behaved member of our family.

- -.L, Shuttlewood, Derbyshire North (Testimonial)

14th November 2021 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Puppy management, Recall, Separation anxiety

It was so wonderful to meet Estelle, and it already feels like I'm in safe hands. You can tell she has a great love and respect for all animals, so you can't ask for anymore in a trainer. Great advice from the get go, she showed me some great information on dogfood and gave me some great information on how that impacts their behaviour. So I've already made that change. She was great with Finley, and she gave some behavioural tips, which are already making a difference and can't wait to learn more and take all advice I can.

- -.C, Matlock, Derbyshire (Testimonial)

8th November 2021 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety

Going very well....slower on the stop barking at gate

- -.J, Chesterfield, Derbyshire (Testimonial)

26th August 2021 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Chewing, Other

Estelle arrived on time and after a short discussion about Loki's issues he was brought into the room and greeted Estelle with tail wagging. They hit it off immediately! We discussed the type of food l was giving to Loki and it was agreed that l should look into feeding him a more protein based food because the present dry food contained a high proportion of carbohydrates which could impact on his behaviour. I am in the process of gradually changing his feed over. Already there are signs of improvement with calmer behaviour! I was given several valuable tips which l have put into practice e.g. tone of voice, inadvertently rewarding unacceptable behaviour, buying him antlers to chew instead of well anything he could get his teeth into. He is engrossed with said antler now. From been terrified of getting into the car the training he received has given him more confidence. We are not there yet but following advice l am going at his pace and not rushing him. I feel that this first lesson has put us on the pathway to creating a better understanding between us and Loki is now more aware of what is acceptable.

- -.M, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire (Testimonial)

10th August 2021 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle dealt with Other

Excellent and informative and really useful. Really looking forward to continuing working with Estelle this year.

- -.S, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (Testimonial)