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Franchise FAQ's

Can I have employees in this business?

You may employ people to assist in non-training functions of the business, such as marketing, bookkeeping, or answering the phones. However, only the franchisee of the business who has attended the training is allowed to provide services to customers.

Can I have a partner?

Yes, we have many partnerships of Bark Busters throughout the world. Each partnership is a little different, so we can discuss this option further with you.

Can I operate the business part-time?

No, the business is full-time, to enable you to get the most out of your investment. The business requires your full-time commitment.

Is Bark Busters a home-based business?

Yes, you will operate the administration from your home office to minimise operating costs. While your office may be based in your home, you will spend the majority of your time within your territory, providing training, servicing your customers and building relationships.

The UK spends in excess of £8 billion per year on their pets, a spending trend that has increased each year. In the last  decade the UK dog population has grown from 7.5 million to 12.5 million dogs.   The UK’s love of their pets is alive and well. As the largest home dog training company in the world, Bark Busters is uniquely positioned as the industry leader in its field.

Why is Bark Busters different from other training?

The Bark Busters method of training is effective in far less time than many traditional training approaches. Usually yielding results in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or months. Bark Busters offers a unique World Wide Lifetime Support Guarantee. We provide customers with unsurpassed value for money. We work with dog owners in the convenience of their own home, making it easy for customers to meet with us and making it less stressful for the dogs. Dogs learn best in their own familiar territory and home.

I have no previous experience in dog training, can I still be a Bark Buster?

Yes, Bark Busters provides comprehensive training prior to the launch of your business. Our training provides you with the knowledge of our methods, dog psychology, hands-on practical training and much more.

Can anyone become a Bark Busters trainer?

No, we look for very special individuals. We arrange a face to face meeting so that we can both get to know each other. Our franchisees are our business partners and represent our trusted brand. We both have an investment to make and we need to be confident that the business is right for both of us.

I have never owned a business before. Will Bark Busters teach me about running a business too?

Yes, you have the full support of Head Office to guide you all the way. Being a successful franchise owner involves being a successful business owner too.

How long does it take to start my business?

From the day you decide to become a Bark Buster, we will help you to prepare for training and the opening of your business. The initial, intensive training is around 4 weeks and takes place in one of our residential locations within the UK. After successfully completing your training, you will be fully prepared to launch your business immediately. In conjunction with Bark Busters Head Office, we will work to advertise your business and drive customers to you from your very first day of operation.

You have been around for over 33 years. Are you a modern company?

We are here to support you every step of the way, before during and after the launch or your business. You'll have you own pages on our main website with the option of subscription to your own website for your territory. We leverage heavily on technology leaving you the time to form relationships with likeminded businesses in your territory. Our Bark Busters mobile website, CRM system, worldwide intranet, social media, online advertising, newsletter subscribers are just a few of the ways we leverage technology to help you in your business.

Does Bark Busters offer financing?

While we do not provide full financing, we may consider the ability to self-finance part of your business, after a down payment. Talk to us for more details.


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