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31st May 2022 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Barking

Very pleased with the session and the advice, we have a different dog now, she seems happier and more affectionate. Instant results which has relieved our anxiety and hers.

- J.D, Exmouth (Testimonial)

14th March 2022 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin is so knowledgeable and patient!! Both us and the dogs learnt so much from Kevin and are forever in his debt for helping us with our dogs.

- J, Newton Abbot, Devon (Testimonial)

3rd January 2022 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression

Well we're do I start? Kevin was very professional, we felt so comfortable as soon as he walked in the door. The results we have seen since Kevin arrived are astonishing and cannot believe how everything worked. It has changed our lives. Thank you!

- -.W, Willand, Devon (Testimonial)

2nd November 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall

Kevin was friendly, warm, and understanding from the offset. His training techniques are incredibly effective, while being easy to understand and implement into our routine. Our dog has been in charge and Kevin was able to explain why and how, and train US to counter his behavior to what we wanted, so we were able to start seeing all the desired behaviors from our dog by the end of the training session alone. We feel confident that by following his training plan we will see the permanent results we are looking for. The session is worth every penny and I cannot recommend it enough, it was a rewarding experience and gratifying to find a trainer who puts the responsibility and power onto owners for how their dogs develop. While a one-off session may seem worryingly sparse, Kevin covered all of our concerns comfortably in the time we had, and we felt confident that we had all the tools we needed by the end of the lesson, and a lifetime of calls if needed to support us in our training!

- -.I, Alfington, Devon (Testimonial)

1st November 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Recall

Brilliant training session with Kevin and Bruno. We were shocked and supprised at the immediate results in our Romanian rescue Perdita. She responded well to the training and it has given us new hope for a beautiful future with our dog. Cant recommend highly enough.

- -.J, Torquay, Devon (Testimonial)

15th October 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Recall, Toileting

We had a very instructive and productive session with Kevin who was very professional and reassuring. His knowledge and expertise came to the fore very quickly as Gemma responded to the techniques within a few minutes of the start of the session.

- -.L, Exmouth, Devon (Testimonial)

12th October 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Chewing, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Recall

Working with Kevin was an amazing experience! I have to admit I was skeptical having worked with other dog trainers in the past. It worked just the way he told us it would, and so quickly, that's what really surprised us. The afternoon Kevin left; I took Hugo up to the park off lead, and let him meet other dogs, I couldn't believe what I just did! Today, I took Hugo to the park again with Dave (my partner); There was a dog with a boy that had previously lunged at Dave and Hugo resulting in Dave ending up on the ground, the dog was very boisterous, and ran up to Dave and started barking incessantly at him, Hugo was right there, less than 3ft away, he looked, I checked him using the check on the lead and a small bah sound, and Hugo was quite happy to let the dog continue to bark at Dave!! We then let him off the lead, there were other dogs but Hugo ignored them today as he just wanted to play with his ball. Amazing results, can't recommend highly enough!! Hugo no longer has to look after us, and can relax and enjoy being a dog!

- -.P, Brixham, Devon (Testimonial)

10th October 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Barking

Kevin was recommended to us by friends he had helped. Rejjie was very ‘barky' and reactive on walks and with our neighbours. He also barked relentlessly when the doorbell rang. It had reached a point where I didn't want to take him out and avoided other dogs on walks, particularly large dogs as he seemed most agitated by them. Kevin went through the training explaining what we would do, Rej barked through most of this! The training began and Rej responded well in our home, we also met our neighbour and he remained calm. He was introduced to Kevin's dog Bruno, a large Doberman. I was not looking forward to this but Rej was so good and Bruno is a gentle giant. I can honestly say I was blown away at how quickly Rej improved. We have been left with exercises to practice and this has begun. Today Rej met dogs at the beach and he even played with one of them. Can't recommend Bark Busters and Kevin enough.

- -.J, Exmouth, Devon (Testimonial)

25th August 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Other

Absolutely excellent. Mabel was fearful of other dogs and had become reactive, air snapping through fear. Kevin taught us how to overcome this and within 1 hour we were walking in the park meeting other dogs with Mabel relaxed and happy. Within 2 days she was playing with other dogs! This was our ultimate goal but we never thought it would happen so quickly. Kevin is kind and understanding always using positive praise and no harsh methods. Best money we have ever spent. Thank you so much.

- -.L, Taunton, Somerset (Testimonial)

23rd August 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Barking, Other

Firstly Kevin was very friendly, pleasant and professional. He explained the method before hand so we understood and went through some training exercises with Toby which were almost instantly effective. I feel very confident that the techniques I've learnt will help Toby be and stay a calmer happier and less reactive dog. It's also reassuring to know that I have ongoing support from Kevin as and when I need it.

- -.A, Crediton, Devon (Testimonial)

20th July 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up

Kevin was amazing, we thought we were going to have a very difficult if not impossible time correcting Bella (our pampered Frenchie's) bad habits but with his instructions we have seen positive results already. He has given us the tools to remove Bellas “top dog behaviour” in our household which will in turn make for a much more relaxed Bella. Can't recommend Kevin enough.

- -.K, Newton Abbot, Devon (Testimonial)

19th July 2021 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin dealt with Aggression, Barking

Kevin was absolutely amazing. My husband, in particular, was sceptical that anything could be done about both dogs barking in addition to reactivity to other dogs. We were very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results. The system is as much about training the humans as well as the dogs. We have been set our homework and it is up to us to keep the training up.

- -.J, Dartmouth, Devon (Testimonial)


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