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20th February 2022 - Neil Price

Fantastic first session , Neil was very friendly , very knowledgable, he had a great rapport with the dogs

- M, Warrington, Cheshire (Testimonial)

19th February 2022 - Neil Price

We can’t thank Neil enough he was very informative and we all feel happier now our Blu seems to be happier

- A, Widnes, Cheshire (Testimonial)

23rd December 2021 - Neil Price

Neil dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling

Neil was fabulous! He was calming for our two excitable boys. Didn't make us feel bad for the boys behaviour. Gave us practical hints and tips to work on over Christmas and when to get back in touch. So far, I would recommend him to others and have done already.

- -.H, Grappenhall, Cheshire (Testimonial)

9th October 2021 - Neil Price

Neil dealt with Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall

Neil was very calm with us and ruby, he was great with teaching us how to help ruby. She is coming on great.

- -.H, Runcorn, Cheshire (Testimonial)

28th September 2021 - Neil Price

Neil dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall

Neil spent a long time getting to know Luna and observing the problems that we were having. She is a strong, bouncy and curious dog. Lockdown has meant that she can show fear of strangers especially coming into the house. Neil understood her problems and went a walk with us to observe how she could pull very strongly if she was interested in something - she is easily distracted. He suggested some useful training that we could do daily which we have been doing. He will then return and see our progress. So far most of it is going well and we are very hopeful that his valuable advice will make our lives easier. It is very difficult to fully rate your service in the star system below until we see how we go on in the longer term - thus only 4 stars.

- -.R, Blackburn, Lancashire (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Neil
Thank you for your feedback - Luna is a lovely girl but like many lockdown dogs she has not had the opportunity to get used to visitors and socialisation

5th August 2021 - Neil Price

Neil dealt with Aggression, Recall

I was very impressed by the way that my dog took to Neil immediately on meeting him. He observed her behaviour and our interactions and was able to pinpoint the cause of the problems. He ran through some exercises with us and then gave us written notes of daily homework, plus observations and advice such as voice tones. He also provided additional leaflets for further reading and assistance. He followed up this in-person advice with a leaflet about body language which I am working with to try and resolve the issues between me and my dog.

- -.L, Warrington, Cheshire (Testimonial)

7th June 2021 - Neil Price

Neil dealt with Aggression, Pulling, Puppy management

Minnie behaved well and didn't quite know what to do, but the things that Neil showed us and discussed with the family are currently being put into practice and she seems to be making progress.

- -.A, Blackburn, Lancashire (Testimonial)