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4th December 2022 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Puppy management, Toileting

Andy knows exactly what he is doing our puppy was a handful for us before Andy visited and gave us some teaching. Well worth spending the money if want to have a lovely pet you control and they don’t control you. The after care is second to none and is always at end of the phone if needed.

- S.H, Sidcup (Testimonial)

24th May 2015 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Barking

Andy - This is an update: Today we took Enzo & Fleur to a pre arranged Dachshund walk and just want you to know how proud we are. Enzo walked beautifully and only had a couple of barks. It was a pleasure to walk out with a group of dogs and see Enzo and Fleur enjoying themselves so much. We have kept up with all the training and they both go on daily walks. Today was the icing on the cake......we hope our holiday goes as well. Thank you Andy

- -.P, Bromley, Kent (Testimonial)

3rd May 2015 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety

Andy explained everything very clearly. We knew it wasn't just about training our dogs it was also retraining ourselves. We had to re -learn situations and take control of our dogs. Enzo would bark constantly from walking out front door until we walked back in again. We had a short w/end break it was a nightmare due to his barking. We had to resort to room service to be able to eat!' As a result of this I contacted Barkbusters and we haven't looked back. Andy taught us how to deal with this and how to control the barking as Enzo felt he had to protect us and didn't like his space being invaded. We have been able to control the barking indoors which has resulted in a much calmer and secure dog. We can take Enzo in the car and he now sits quietly, no stressing, we walk them in the park on long training leads and they enjoy their time and have fun. We had a slight glitch one week with an aggressive dog attacking Enzo. Once he was better we faced the park again. Enzo now looks forward to his daily walk and is quiet going out of the front door, he might bark at something he sees along the way but we now know how to deal with calmly, They both have changed tremendously due to this training regime. They sit down calmly indoors and are not always looking for attention. They are so much happier now they know we are the pack leaders and are gaining in confidence and we must continue with this programme. Enzo is now so much more relaxed. Had a second meeting with Andy on 2nd May 2015. He felt we had mad really good progress and noticed a difference in their behaviour much calmer. We did a short street walk which Andy was pleased with and then a park visit. Met up with more dogs; need to take this on board more often. It is now up to us to continue this programme as it is definitely showing results. We know we can ring Andy at any time if we have problem but hoping we can manage, We have booked a w/end break beginning June so we hope to have worked through these issues by then.

- -.P, Bromley, Kent (Testimonial)

30th April 2015 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Recall

Zara is a 2 year old rottweiler and couple of months ago she started barking towards people and other dogs making walking her a nightmare. Another problem was pulling and running to the front door.After just first appointment with Andy she made incredible progress ,her behavior improved a lot and i am really happy with service provided by Andy who is great therapist and lovely person with good contact both with me and my dog .Big thank you for you!!!

- -.E, London (Testimonial)

2nd February 2015 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Sibling rivalry

We just had our Bark Busters assessment today with Andy, and we couldn’t have been more impressed with him. It became clear from the moment he arrived that he “knew his stuff” and had a genuine interest in helping us, and we started to see results immediately. The techniques he taught us made a lot of sense, and he patiently walked us (literally) through each step until we felt confident in implementing them on our own. We also appreciated his holistic approach, which included looking at diet. His passion for this work really shines through, and he was also very generous with his time. All in all, we feel we are in very capable hands and off to a solid start with "our boys". We can’t recommend him highly enough.

- -.L, London (Testimonial)

13th October 2014 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Barking, Puppy management, Recall, Other

Andy has worked wonders. Minnie is an eight month old Cavachon and is very timid by nature to the point that she would not want to go out on the lead for walks. Although still slightly unsure, Minnie has become a more confident dog and I have become a more confident owner. I also changed her diet to a raw food diet which has made her more relaxed and calm. I have worked with Andy on two sessions now and each time he works a miracle. Thank you Andy.

- -.S, Bromley, Kent (Testimonial)

5th August 2014 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Pulling, Recall

Our dog was having problems with discipline but within one session with bark busters, he was a completely different dog. It may seem like a lot of money but it is well worth the price.

- -.T, Eltham, London (Testimonial)

18th June 2014 - Andy Waterhouse

Andy dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety

we had our first session with andy last week and already we can see a difference just by using the techniques andy showed us and by switching both dogs to a healthier raw food diet we are happier both our dogs seem happier cant wait for our second training session again today and progress further andy is a amazing trainer and we look forward to working with him for the year there is nothing that seems to phase andy at all and he has techniques to overcome situations that dont seem possible so thank you andy and bark busters were looking forward to our journey continuing with you

- -.A, Woolwich, London (Testimonial)


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