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25th February 2022 - Ben Jordan

Ben was very informative and advised us good

- E, Saltash, Cornwall (Testimonial)

27th August 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Puppy management

Ben was really friendly and spent a good amount of time explaining the theory before meeting our puppies. The lesson itself was over 3.5hrs so excellent value for money so far. The methods taught made an immediate improvement in behaviour - it was quite amazing! And we have lots to work on now and are reassured we can call back on Ben when needed.

- -.S, Plymouth, Devon (Testimonial)

30th July 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Barking, Pulling

Before Ben came to us, Hugo, an otherwise lovely dog, would bark incessantly, making it impossible to work from home, or take him anywhere in the car. We thought we'd tried everything, friendly advice from neighbours, YouTube videos, endless searching the internet for solutions but nothing worked. In the first session, Ben showed us practical techniques to quieten Hugo. We couldn't believe it, but the results were almost immediate. One week on and we now have a quiet household! Highly recommend.

- -.B, TRURO, Cornwall (Testimonial)

19th July 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety

During Lockdown Presley has started Barking a lot more. During the short period of time we have been training him he has improved a great deal.

- -.D, TRURO, Cornwall (Testimonial)

22nd June 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall

I was having various issues with our eight month old puppy. She was showing signs of aggression on people coming into the house cause and continuously pulling and biting at her lead whilst on walks. Jumping and pulling at passing vehicles, people et cetera. On arrival of Ben my local trainer who was allocated to come and see us. He ran through various techniques and found one is the best suited us and our dog. And I am pleased to say that to date we are controlling the aggression in the house within minutes of an arrival and the walking has improved 100+ percent. Still a lot of work to do and but as long as we stick to the system that Ben showed us I am sure not only would we be better equipped and trained for our dog, Harley will have a more interactive life with us and everyone outside of our family. I cannot fault the training method that we were taught as it is already paying dividends after the first 48 hours. Thank you Buck and thank you Ben. It is a continued process over 12 months and we know that you are there as soon as we ask for you. Thank you again

- -.M, Truro, Cornwall (Testimonial)

28th May 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Barking, Pulling

The training was interesting and informative. It made us look at how we are interacting with our dog. It was definitely worth it. Our dog seems conscious of our change of approach because he keeps looking at us when we are bringing him in line and does appear to want to please us. He is improving on the lead although he regresses if he gets frightened. Generally he does seem a bit calmer near traffic. We are both more focused on the dog when we have him on the lead. He does respond more most of the time but will occasionally get excited when he sees a particular dog he likes. He also looks at us and cries when he wants us to play as opposed to barking at us.

- -.L, Torpoint, Cornwall (Testimonial)

14th April 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Separation anxiety

It was great to be able to discuss things in our home visit and get such good advice. I had tried “zoom” training previously with another trainer but this is soo much better. Fab - thank you, just need to keep putting the advice into practice.

- -.L, Plymouth, Devon (Testimonial)

11th March 2021 - Ben Jordan

Ben dealt with Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall

Ben was very helpful with his training methods, we just hope we can continue with the good work

- -.M, Torpoint, Cornwall (Testimonial)