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Dog Training Basingstoke & Fleet & Puppy Training

Welcome to dog training Basingstoke and Fleet, my name is Jacquie Callaby, your local Bark Busters dog behaviourist, therapist and trainer for over 18 years. I have met so many dogs and their owners over the years and dealt with so many different behaviour problems, I am confident that whatever issue you may be having with your dog I will be able to help you. Once I have shown you how to put into place the training plan you will be able to enjoy your dog again and be free of the behaviours that often cause the most stress.

My methods are kind, calm and replicate the way in which dogs naturally communicate with each other, using voice and body language. I will teach you, how to communicate effectively with your dog in a way they will instinctively understand. I assess their interactions with you and your family, inside and outside your home, and explain why your dog is showing a particular unwanted behaviour.  

Once you know the "why" behind the behaviour we can soon get to work on "how" to fix the problem. If your dog is old, new or even a young puppy, big, small or in between, pure or cross breed, I can help you to get back on track. No dog is beyond help. If you are experiencing dog behaviour problems such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, boisterousness, separation anxiety, aggression to dogs or people, sibling rivalry, obsessive compulsive disorder and any other issue, I can help to rebuild your relationship with your dog, so you enjoy sharing your life with each other to the full. 

Maybe you’re looking to give your puppy the best start in life. I love working and seeing puppies develop over the months and get some cuddles in too.  I tailor the training programme to you and your dog's needs. I will demonstrate the training techniques and show you how to put them into practice. With just 15 – 20 minutes of training per day you will see great improvements and achieve the behaviour you want.

If you are looking for professional dog training near you in Basingstoke or Fleet, then you have found the right place. My Support Guarantee will provide you with peace of mind knowing that I will return free of charge, and I am only a phone call or email away too. You pay only once, and I will support you free of charge for any recurring or new behaviour issue, for the term of the support you purchase. 

Please do contact me to see how I can help with your dog's behaviour and together we can rebuild your relationship with your dog to be a rewarding one.

If you are looking for puppy training classes near you, then why not consider my home training. Group training classes can be very stressful for your pup and if they become disruptive in the classes you can often be asked to leave. My lessons are informative and provides puppies with the very best start in life.

My home puppy training classes cover topics such as:

  • Fast and best toileting habits
  • Appropriate diet and good food manners
  • Recall - coming when called
  • Gate and door control
  • Sit, stay and down training
  • Correct holding of the lead and walking
  • Walking to heel
  • Distance control (staying with you when there are other distractions)
  • How to successfully socialise your puppy
  • How to de-sensitise, for example, vacuum cleaners and car travel etc…
  • Protecting your puppy from being overwhelmed by people or other dogs
  • Accustoming to handling, bathing and grooming
  • Bad behaviour prevention and management, e.g. jumping up, mouthing, play biting and chewing etc...
About me

My mum and grandmother ran a grooming and boarding kennels when I was young, so I enjoyed a busy time during school holidays playing, walking and helping with the dogs. I also entered competitions with one or two of them and ended up at Crufts as a Junior Handler.

After leaving school, I worked in banking for several years, but with changes in the industry I was given the opportunity to accept voluntary redundancy, which gave me the time to decide what to do with my life. After much thought, I decided to turn my back on office work completely and looked for work involving my love of dogs.

After all these years I still love what I do, and I have never regretted changing my life. Having found Bark Busters and trained with them it was the best decision I could have made.

Please take a look at my client's dog training testimonials from dog owners just like you to see how I can help you too.

My support packages cover all behaviour problems. Here’s what’s included.

  • All behaviour problems
  • All dog obedience training
  • I come to you
  • You only pay once
  • All further home visit are free or charge
  • 12 months cover available
  • "Lifetime of your dog" cover available
  • My initial visit is around 3 hours
  • Free return visits are around 1 hour
  • Written training instructions

My training is fast, effective, and long lasting

Jacquie is pet first aider trained

Areas Covered

Yateley, Sandhurst, Basingstoke, Fleet, Alton, Bordon, Odiham, Privett, Four Marks, Medsted, Hook, Litchfield, Whitchurch

Your trainer is an independent business owner who operates their own business under a franchise agreement with Bark Busters. Jacquie Callaby trading as Bark Busters, is a franchisee of BBDT (UK) Limited, the Master Franchise holder.

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