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Welcome to Bark Busters Dog Training Guildford. I have been helping dogs and their owners for over 12 years. In that time I have helped owners overcome some of the worst behaviour problems from aggression to sibling rivalry.

He takes me for a walk! He's stressing me out! He's barking and now the neighbours have complained! I feel I've lost control!

These are just some of the comments I hear from dog owners time and time again but it doesn't have to be the case. Every day I see clients who have tried many dog training techniques and they are still at the wrong end of the lead. Thankfully they have now taken back the control and both dog and owner are no longer stressed thanks to the Bark Busters training techniques.

At Bark Busters we cover all dog behavioural problems; pulling, separation anxiety, chewing, jumping, biting, recall, chasing and much more... I will show you how to take control and have a happy, well balanced dog.

I also sponsor Sally, a retired Greyhound, through the PDSA. Sally needs regular, expensive, medication so my contributions help to give her a better quality of life.

I was recently called in to see Honey, a Labrador who had been re-homed by the RSPCA. Not much was known about her history and for the first two months Honey was very well behaved. However, after she settled in she started pulling on the lead, jumping & mouthing at visitors. It is often the case that when a dog joins a new home, especially from a rescue centre, they settle well for several weeks. It's only a little later that they start training their owners and realise that they can be the pack leader!

With a little training, new rules and boundaries these behaviours can be quickly reversed, leaving you with a happy dog and a happy family.

At Bark Busters we believe in looking after your dog's welfare and behaviour, working with the family to change bad habits. It's not just about training your dog, sometimes aspects of your dog's life need to be rearranged so that they feel more comfortable in their surroundings. I get to the root cause of why your dog is showing the behaviour and put a plan in place to suit both owner and dog.

Please e-mail me and see the difference I can bring to you and your dog.

I can also help you if you're looking for a trainer in Woking

Jacquie is first aider trained

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