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Bark Busters Home Dog Training Matlock. My name is Estelle, and I’m delighted to be able to offer my services as the Bark Buster Home Dog Training and Behaviour therapist in your area.

Working with animals, particularly dogs, has always been my passion and is what drew me towards a career as a veterinary nurse after leaving school. This, in turn, led me towards a specialism in behaviour and training, carrying out behaviour consultations at the veterinary surgery and subsequently working as a dog trainer and behaviourist with the RSPCA in Australia for 4 years. My experience working with dogs in a training school environment led me to understand that, although training classes work well for some dogs, their behaviour can soon revert and there are many dogs and owners who learn much better when they are relaxed in their own home environment. Many problem behaviours occur at home and are better dealt with there, where your dog acts most naturally.

Whatever the behaviour problem you are experiencing with your dog, I am here to help. Bringing my many years of veterinary and training experience to my role as a Bark Busters Training and Behaviour Therapist in Matlock, means that I can help you to identify the underlying issues behind your dog’s behaviour problems. Once we have done this, we can then work together as I teach you how to have a better relationship with your dog based on good, kind leadership and communication that dogs instinctively understand and crave.

My system of communication and training is easy to learn and can help with issues from barking, pulling on the lead, poor recall, destructive behaviours, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety through to aggression towards other dogs and/or people. I can also help you with puppy training if you want to get off to the right start with your new puppy. I come to visit you, in your home, at a time that suits you and you can be sure that you will have the time and opportunity to tell me everything you want to about the behaviour issues that are causing you, and your dog, stress. You will also have lots of opportunity to practise the training techniques whilst I am with you and to see for yourself how quickly your dog responds to you, with no need of physical punishment.

I have seen my system of training and communication work for many years for many owners to enable them to create a household that is happier and more relaxed, and I know that I can help you to have this too. Dogs tend to relax once they have confidence in their owner's leadership, and to see a previously-stressed dog visibly relax is something that never fails to bring me job satisfaction.

I recently took in a rescued spaniel with aggression issues because the owners didn’t want him. The rescue centre couldn't take him back as he had bitten too. I soon realised that his aggression was from fear, and that he had guarding issues… the two together were a lethal combination! Once he came to realise that I would lead and guide him through life safely, he began to relax; he realised he didn’t need to guard things, and that life was not one permanent threat to his or my safety. After a sort time he was unrecognisable, and able to live the life he deserved rather than one of constant stress and anxiety. This is something I feel that all dogs are entitled to and it is up to us to supply that by simply learning how to communicate better.

Having said that, I understand that people learn in different ways and at different speeds, so I am not here to judge you. I also know that problems with dog behaviour sometimes develop over time and can begin to overwhelm us. I can promise you that I am here to help.

I am local to this area, where I live with dogs, cats, ferrets, ducks, sheep and horses. At school, I was often jokingly referred to as Dr. Doolittle because of the collection of animals in our house, many of them brought to us injured in the hope that my Dad could help them. I love helping animals and I love meeting people. I particularly love helping people rebuild their relationship with their dog.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your dog’s behaviour, please do give me a call; I’d be delighted to help you. You can call on 0808 100 4071 or click the contact button above. I hope to meet you and your dog very soon.

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