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Bark Busters Reviews and Customer Testimonials

17th March 2022 - Ben Jordan

I found Ben very professional, knowledgeable and skilled. He put me at my ease straight away and my dogs loved him (always a good indicator). The training methods were effective from the start and I’m confident that in time we will achieve the desired results. I was flabbergasted at how quickly and thoroughly my dogs responded to Ben - he was kind but firm and left them in no doubt as to what he expected. I suffer with a lot of pain in my shoulders and wrists so walking three determined, pulling dogs leaves me unable to move my arms for days after … Ben and I took the dogs out and he recommended ways to stop them pulling and how to prevent Dolly reacting to other dogs whilst out. I couldn’t believe the difference in them even after just 30 minutes or so. I feel optimistic about eventually having three ‘normal’ dogs - it’s when for me now, not if. Ben also advised on ‘games’ for the dogs to stop them becoming bored too quickly while I’m at work - all of which have now been implemented … thanks Ben.

- B, Ivybridge, Devon (Testimonial)

17th March 2022 - Neil Price

Super useful. Really looking forward to working with Neil. Neil was really engaging and informative and more importantly the dogs loved him too. Many thanks

- P, Liverpool, Merseyside (Testimonial)

17th March 2022 - Lynn Prentice

Incredible improvement in my dog's behaviour after just one meeting with Lynn.

- R, HITCHIN, Hertfordshire (Testimonial)

15th March 2022 - Sharon Chapman

Very happy. Sharon gave clear instructions and explained to me in words I can understand just why my dog may be behaving the way he is. Have taught him 2 commands in 3 days as per Sharon’s instructions. His lead walking has already improved also

- N, Wirral, Merseyside (Testimonial)

14th March 2022 - Kevin McDonnell

Kevin is so knowledgeable and patient!! Both us and the dogs learnt so much from Kevin and are forever in his debt for helping us with our dogs.

- J, Newton Abbot, Devon (Testimonial)

14th March 2022 - Shauna Hoey

The training provided by Shauna was excellent. One week in and these simple and effective training methods have made a huge difference already to our dogs behaviours. Both dogs have enjoyed learning as have we!

- S, Brighton, East Sussex (Testimonial)

10th March 2022 - Graham Milgrew

First class

- R, London (Testimonial)

8th March 2022 - Alex Fraser

Alex was very knowledgeable and gave clear instructions and advice for training Jessie. From when he first walked in he had a calm energy which Jessie warmed to straight away, and she’s normally very wary of strangers coming into the house! Alex demonstrated different techniques to practise to prevent Jessie from reactive barking when people walk past or arrive at the house, we also practised kitchen manners and walking on the lead. We were impressed that we were able to walk without Jessie pulling in such a short space of time. Alex spent the time explaining the reasons behind Jessie’s behaviour and why certain training works which was really interesting, and whilst there was a lot of information to try and take in, Alex sent some follow up notes which was helpful. Whilst on the whole Jessie’s behaviour is already good and we just wanted some advice on a few things, I would definitely recommend Alex to any dog owner wanting any level of support with training their dog.

- C, Whitefield, Greater Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Overall Jessie is a well behaved young dog. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of fine tuning the owners skills to ensure their dog grows up to be the best version of themselves. I’m looking forward to catching up with them all to see how they are all getting on.

7th March 2022 - Sharon Chapman

Lovely lady. Explanations very thorough and well thought out.

- H, Llandudno, Conwy (Testimonial)

7th March 2022 - Kevin McDonnell

Wasn't sure what to expect but boy were we impressed. Kevin was extremely good. He spent the time listening to our issues & identifying the problems. Within 5 minutes of training we saw instant results. The four hours passed so quickly but afterwards we felt confident to carry on our own. As Kevin said " he was there to train us!! not the dog". We fully understand that we have to carry on practicing with the techniques shown . If anyone thinks that their situation is beyond help please get in touch with Kevin at Bark Busters. It will be life changing & you can start to really enjoy your dog.

- M, Churchinford, Somerset (Testimonial)

6th March 2022 - Lee Hardy

Great first session. Barking issues have already improved significantly

- T, Stone, Staffordshire (Testimonial)

6th March 2022 - Estelle Jackson

Estelle spent the first part of the session to understand Alf's background (former Bosnian street dog rescue) and to understand the dog. She was very friendly and was a good listener. She has left us some "homework" to do with Alf before our next session in a couple of weeks time. Much better than the last dog trainer we had.

- D, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (Testimonial)