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Welcome to dog training Worcester, my name is Kirsty Dudfield, and I am your local Bark Busters dog behaviour therapist and trainer. If you're reading this you may be looking for help to resolve behaviour problems you have with your dog, or you are looking for puppy training to give your puppy the best start in life. Whether a rescue, adult dog or puppy, or if you are just thinking about getting one, you've found the right place.

I've been very lucky in my working life, working with both dog and horses. It never ceases to amaze me that I love getting up to go to work. As a child and teenager, I loved horses, so as soon as I left school I began studying for equine qualifications. Once qualified at 21 years old, I began to train horses, some with behavioural problems. I would work with their riders or owners and teach them how to fully enjoy them, using kind, calm methods. Travelling all over the world, running my own business, from which I learned that great customer service, a strong work ethic and good organisation skills were the key to building and maintaining my business.

My first dog was Elka, a beautiful long haired German Shepherd, she travelled with me for my work with horses, once I was back in the UK full time. This is when my passion for understanding dogs began. She was my soul mate and best friend, coming to work with me every day until she died aged 13.

It became difficult to continue with my equine business after having my family, so I became involved with the Guide Dogs Association. I was lucky to be chosen to be a foster mum to Chloe, a Golden Retriever, who was bred to provide puppies to the Guide Dog Association. Over the years Chloe had 4 litters with me, a total of 35 puppies who lived with me until they went to their puppy guide dog trainers. It was difficult to say goodbye to them, but I have followed their progress and most became guide dogs or medical detections dogs.

Chloe has now retired and is living a lovely, relaxed life with me, and my young Golden Retriever, Willow.

Despite their differences, training dogs and horses is very similar. It involves watching their body language, understanding the reasons behind their behaviour, never using force or harsh methods, and recognising their instinctive needs and behaviours, including breed specific instincts, like herding breeds. We earn their trust by showing patience and being consistent with the daily training.

Worcester Dog Training - Kirsty Dudfield

If you are looking for professional dog training near you in Worcester, then you have found the right place. If you are not enjoying your dog 100% of the time, too much barking, jumping up, guarding items, reactivity or aggression to other dogs or people, separation anxiety, pulling on leads or anything you think needs improving, please do call and put your mind at rest that help is on its way.

My methods follow the way that dogs naturally communicate with each other, using voice tones and body language, it is never physical, and I show you how to carry on with consistent daily training. I will demonstrate and ensure that you can get the same results before I leave you with written details of your tailor-made fun training games that guide your dog into the "wanted" behaviours rather than allowing repetition of the unwanted ones. Any dog, any age, any behaviour problem is our motto!

You will have peace of mind knowing that our unique Support Guarantee will give you the benefit of free of charge ongoing help for any recurrence or new issue, and that I will return to help further. You only pay once, and I will support you free of charge for the term you purchase.

Contact me to find out how I can help with your dog's behaviour problems and together we can rebuild your relationship with your dog to be a rewarding one.

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