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8th April 2022 - Alex Fraser

Alex was knowledgeable, realistic and honest in his approach. There was no judgement or question of what had been done or not from a training perspective. Alex was able to give simple quick ideas and explanations in order to get the best from Brody. Can't wait to see how he helps get the best from this boy who is clearly cleverer than we thought!

- L, Manchester, Lancashire (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Puppies can be a challenge - even to those that have had dogs all their lives. There is also no quick fix for any young dog, but with the right techniques and body language I am confident we can make all dogs the best version of themselves.

8th March 2022 - Alex Fraser

Alex was very knowledgeable and gave clear instructions and advice for training Jessie. From when he first walked in he had a calm energy which Jessie warmed to straight away, and she’s normally very wary of strangers coming into the house! Alex demonstrated different techniques to practise to prevent Jessie from reactive barking when people walk past or arrive at the house, we also practised kitchen manners and walking on the lead. We were impressed that we were able to walk without Jessie pulling in such a short space of time. Alex spent the time explaining the reasons behind Jessie’s behaviour and why certain training works which was really interesting, and whilst there was a lot of information to try and take in, Alex sent some follow up notes which was helpful. Whilst on the whole Jessie’s behaviour is already good and we just wanted some advice on a few things, I would definitely recommend Alex to any dog owner wanting any level of support with training their dog.

- C, Whitefield, Greater Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Overall Jessie is a well behaved young dog. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of fine tuning the owners skills to ensure their dog grows up to be the best version of themselves. I’m looking forward to catching up with them all to see how they are all getting on.

1st March 2022 - Alex Fraser

Could not recommend Alex at Bark Busters enough. He was extremely patient with our dog Bozzer who is incredibly hyperactive and anxious with new people in the house. Alex was able to give us training advice immediately understanding what Bozzer needed. We spent a couple of hours together rehearsing new techniques to reduce Bozzer's anxiety during the day so that he is much calmer to deal with other things. Bozzer still needs work - and that is on us to do and keep on top of but we all feel much calmer and more relaxed around each other. We know there is still more work to do to reduce Bozzer's separation anxiety (this is deep rooted in him unfortunately as a rescue dog) but we fully trust that with Alex's support we will get there.

- L, Manchester, Greater Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
I meet dogs of all different ages and from experience it doesn’t matter how young or old a dog is, all behaviours can be improved once we identify the root cause of unwanted behaviours and if I can train the parents. I was really impressed with how much calmer Bozzer was when I returned to seem them all and was further surprised with how calm he became when we practiced leaving him home alone. I’m looking forward to catching up with them all again so that we can practice some lead work. Keep up then good work!

26th February 2022 - Alex Fraser

Alex came round and spent a great 3 hours with our puppy Norman. He took on board our feedback and was able to answer our questions clearly with great advice and tips for us to work on. Brilliant trainer, Norman took to him extremely well. Highly recommended.

- J, West Didsbury, Greater Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
I have worked with a lot of puppies over the past 2 years including a lot of first time puppy owners. Getting the basics right is very important. Lots of sleep and full tummies. Norman did really well and I’m going to enjoy supporting them as Norman grows up.

29th January 2022 - Alex Fraser

Alex was very professional and informative he answered all my questions gave me lots of good advice. Alex made me see things in a different way I really enjoyed the session its amazing watching Alex train Holly and how quickly she responds to his commands and how he trained me to train Holly!! So pleased I found Bark Busters Thank you Shirley Winstanley

- S, Oldham, Lancashire (Testimonial)

17th January 2022 - Alex Fraser

I am not a review writer. But Alex 100% deserves one! He came to work with ME & also my dog Rufus. I put me in capitals as it is me who did not have the right knowledge or tools to deal with some of Rufus’s behaviours. Examples- constant barking at any noise, destroying Mail, following me everywhere(even the loo????) going crazy at someone knocking on the front door(and I mean crazy) trying to control guests and me by barking over conversations until the guest gives in and sits so he can sit on them(on guard) and control. When I wrote to Alex to ask for Help I described Rufus as a idiot as he was acting like one??????? In just 3hours I can safely say that Alex has changed our lives. I can not express my gratitude for the transformation I can see in Rufus in not even one day. I have continued to use Alex’s methods and I am completely gobsmacked that Rufus is actually listening and obeying me. Moving forward, I am excited to see where this can go as Rufus is relaxed and it’s almost like he was waiting for this guidance and likes the boundaries, it was Me who didn’t know how. And it doesn’t involve shouting, screaming or giving in to Rufus. I can now see he isn’t a idiot at all. I was just not being clear about what I wanted or how to do it. Alex is a lovely man. There’s no judgement and I felt immediately comfortable . He explains everything clearly and he shares valuable knowledge giving clear instructions on how to deal with particular unwanted behaviours. Bottom line, if you need help with your ‘idiot’ and your reading this, don’t bother searching any further. Alex is open and honest, and offers further support if required. He also sends lots of info via email in relation to Diet etc. Thanks again Alex. Jo & Rufus!!!

- J, Middleton, Greater Manchester (Testimonial)

Trainer note from Alex
Really enjoyed todays session and after a lot of barking at the start, Rufus started to listen to his Mummy. He also walked walked like a dream and apparently he used to pull like a train. He does get over excited when anybody knocks at the front door and some behavioural issues take longer to fix than others, but I’m confident they’ll get there. At the end of the session he was so much calmer and he was fast asleep when I left. keep up the good work!