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Managing your time at home with your dog

Managing your time at home with your dog

Recent events of Coronavirus have led to a sudden rise in time at home for all family members - including the four-legged ones! Moving work, school and other responsibilities into our homes means navigating new distractions and tackling unique challenges for our dogs and humans too. Luckily, we've learned a thing or two over our 31 years of training and working with dogs to help pet owners manage the current situation - and even have some fun doing it.


Our pets love their outdoor playtime, but when circumstances won't allow for it, a little creativity is needed. From “Where's the Treat” and “Hide & Seek” to “Circus Clown” and “Recall Reprise”, we have 10 of our favourite Bark Busters approved indoor games to share with you.  Read our top 10 list of indoor games with your dog.


One wonderful, comforting benefit of more Indoor time is spending it with your furry best friend, but routines will eventually return to normal. Dogs are creatures of habit and an abrupt change from lots of attention, to much less, can lead to separation anxiety and its accompanying, less desirable behaviours. Learning a little now, can help dog owners prepare even the most well-behaved dogs and puppies for the change in routine that lies ahead, and keep the good vibes going when schedules reset. Be sure to spend time apart from your dog every day, while still setting time aside like playtime and/or training time.


A productive work-from-home day can be a challenge if your dog is not used to your ongoing presence. For some dogs it can mean more opportunities to train you to give them what they want, when they want It. Setting out a dog-free workspace and setting consistent breaks for doggy playtime are just two solutions that can make a huge and positive difference in a work-from-home environment for us humans, whilst still giving our pets the attention they seek. Check out our  guide to working from home with your dog


Home environments are changing daily, with many families adopting or fostering dogs and welcoming new puppies into their lives. Whether it’s the first pet of the family or another addition to a growing family, we can help maximise joy and minimise stress. Be sure to adjust your expectations for your new arrival, as dogs of all ages need time to adjust. Manage Interactions between pets now, to set your family up for a lifetime of harmony and be sure to maintain consistency. Dogs learn through association and life experiences, so the more consistent you are, the faster your pet will learn.

More time under one roof can present a challenge for both dogs and humans, but a little communication, spoken in the language that dogs understand, can ensure happy dogs and their owners. No matter what the behaviour problems, your Bark Busters trainer is just a phone call away.


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