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Valentine's Day with your Beloved Dog!

Valentine's Day with your Beloved Dog!

As a nation of dog lovers, we will use any excuse to treat our dogs to a present, a treat, a trip out, or anything that we think will make them love us even more than they do already; and prove just how much we love them too!

As humans we appreciate treats like romantic dinners (and diamonds wherever possible), chocolates, cards, and flowers. But how can we make Valentine’s Day special for our four-legged friends? Cards and flowers are wasted, chocolate is poisonous for dogs, candles are potentially lethal in the vicinity of a wagging tail, and as for dinner for two – they will have probably guzzled theirs down before you’ve tucked your napkin into your best shirt collar!

We at Bark Busters have been giving some thought to this dilemma and have come up with a few ideas that will make a special day for your dog on Valentine’s Day.

  • Bake some dog biscuits for your furry friend. There are lots of healthy and tasty recipes available on sites like Pinterest or Google. If baking isn’t your forte, buy some special biscuits from one of the many artisan producers in the UK, many of whom do biscuits suitable for pets and also offer home delivery.
  • Treat your dog to a wash and blow dry at the groomers. You could also have his nails clipped to make him feel more comfortable on his walks.
  • Buy him a new waterproof coat or a nice woolly jumper. We still have a lot of cold weather to get through before we start to feel the benefit of warm Spring weather. Your dog will appreciate the benefits of a nice new coat…and the admiring glances he receives from other dog owners!
  • If you’re planning a night away, you may consider taking your dog too. Look for dog-friendly hotels and B&Bs where you can take your best friend with you. He’ll love the chance to explore new places and new sniffs, and he might even make some new friends…and so might you.
  • Give him a new toy. Dogs love receiving new toys, and they don’t have to be expensive. You could go so far as to buy him a heart-shaped toy, or a reward toy / brain training puzzle that can be filled with his favourite treats.
  • This last one is probably the one your dog will appreciate the most! Give him your time. Spending time with your dog is the one thing he will appreciate the most. Interact with him by taking him for a nice walk, practising your recall, doing some basic training exercises and rewarding him with lots of praise. Then spend the rest of the day simply being at home with him and remind yourself how much you love the company of your four-legged friend. You are the most important thing in your dog’s life.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend

but YOU are your dog’s best friend.



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